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Royal National Lifeboat Institute  (RNLI)

Lyme Regis Lifeboat Station & Shop


Lyme Regis & Charmouth Lifeboat

Normally carrying a crew of four the rigid inflatable is launched and retrieved by a Ro-Ro trailer and special tractor unit.

Lyme Regis  RNLI volunteer crew members operate an 8.5m Atlantic 85 class inshore lifeboat capable of speeds up to 35 knots. The Spirit of Loch Fyne  arrived on station in March 2012. 
She is fitted with the latest technology including radar and VHF direction finding equipment and carries a crew of four.
The Atlantic 85 can operate safely in daylight in a Force 6/7 and at night in Force 5/6 and is fitted with two 115hp Yamaha engines and has endurance at sea of three hours at maximum speed. 



Lyme Regis Lifeboat  Station
Tel:  01297 442230

Lifeboat Press Officer:  Richard Horobin



Lyme Regis Lifeboat Station has a crew of some 30 men and women volunteers from all walks of life including builders, carpenters, students, decorators, an accountant, a developer and retired businessmen.

Led by the Duty Deputy Launching Authorities, (DLA's) under the supervision of the Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM).

Launches are initiated and co-ordinated by MCA. Every station member is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Cobb
Lyme Regis


Lifeboat Station Opening Times: 
9am-5pm daily


Latest News and Shouts


August 11 2019


Sailors rescued by Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew as their dinghy capsizes


Two ex-professional sailors were rescued by the  crew of Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat today when their dinghy capsized in strong winds  500m south of the town’s harbour.

Sam Brearey, 30, from Canterbury, and Christian Birrell,also 30, from London, were training for a national sailing championships event  next weekend when when the forestay – a rope supporting the mast – broke and their vessel capsized throwing them both overboard.

Both men were in the water when the lifeboat crew arrived. The 14 foot Merlin Rocket sailing boat with the two men aboard was then towed by the lifeboat  to the safety of Lyme Regis harbour.

Sam Brearey said:’ Despite all the experience we have both gained, if the forestay goes you have a major problem.

‘We were very pleased to see the lifeboat crew, who were brilliant at working together to recover us and the boat. There was simply nothing we could do after the forestay broke.’

The volunteer lifeboat crew were requested to launch by coastguards at 2.27pm and returned to Lyme Regis harbour at 4pm.




10 August 2019


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat launched to three cut off by tide


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched this afternoon when coastguards reported three people cut off by the tide at Freshwater Bay, east of the Dorset resort.

Sea conditions were rough, and the lifeboat crew was stood down when coastguards ashore assisted the three people to safety.

Nick Marks, Volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager in Lyme Regis, said:’Conditions around the coastline this weekend are challenging with tidal surges, large surf, strong rip currents and cliff falls.

‘It is very likely that swimming, bodyboarding, or surfing will not be safe.

‘Anglers, walkers and those taking photographs are reminded to keep a safe distance from the water. As always, if you see someone in difficulty please call 999 and ask for the coastguard.’

The lifeboat was launched at 12.20pm and returned to Lyme Regis harbour an hour later.

This was the 15th emergency call answered by the RNLI volunteer crew at Lyme Regis so far this year.



August 10 2019


Lifeboat launched to ‘six cut off by tide’


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched yesterday (Fri) after coastguards received a report of six people cut off by the tide on Spittles beach east of the town.

The volunteer lifeboat crew launched at 1225 and soon established that all six people had managed to reach safety ashore. The lifeboat returned to Lyme Regis harbour some twenty minutes later.

August 4, 2019

Lyme Regis  Lifeboat Week heading for another success

Lifeboat Week in Lyme Regis was heading for  another financial success for the RNLI’s life-saving  charity as the event came to an end yesterday (Fri).

Early estimates were that donations totalling £28,000 had been received  with the final figure expected within a week or two.

The week started in brilliant sunshine with the popular appearance of John Challis - Boycie in Only Fools and Horses – officially opening the event.

Second- hand book sales, the wine or water raffle, a birds of prey talk with barn owls and a bald eagle, the spectacular Red Devils Army parachute display team, not to mention the tug ‘o war across the harbour mouth and the bathtub race….all proved big attractions for visitors and residents.

Almost a hundred took part in the swimming challenges for children and adults from Cobb Gate to the North Wall of the harbour. 

Around 500 hot dogs cooked by the lifeboat crew were sold, and 650 plastic ducks raced to the finishing line on the River Lym with prizes for the winners and the last ‘competitor.’

The singalong version of the Mama Mia! film was a sell-out at the Marine Theatre.

Ken Lavery, chairman of the organisers, the Lyme Regis and Charmouth Lifeboat Supporters, said: “It was a great week with new events and old favourites all very popular.

“I can’t thank enough those who took part and donated to our charity. Their generosity once again was just amazing. I must also thank all our volunteers who gave their time to run the 72 different events.

“The rain on one day did not dampen the spirits of anyone.”

Tug ‘o war across the harbour mouth and the bathtub race rounded off the week on Friday. The lifeboat crew won the tug ‘o war against a team from the sailing club, sea school and football club. The sailing club’s bathtub, Cat-Astrophe won with the Boat Building Academy’s Bare Minimum second and Kersbrook Chaos third.

The lifeboat crew and their bathtub called Time for Bed came last and had to be towed into the harbour….by the lifeboat.





1st August 2019



'Buskers’ 25 years at Lifeboat Week


Two musicians marked 25 years ‘busking’ at Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week.

Friends Holly Chapman. 70, and 92 year old Ivor Hyde have been playing together for 35 years, mainly at barn dances. But they have also appeared at Lifeboat Week every year, Holly, from Axminster, with her violin and Ivor, from near Chard, with his accordion.

Together they have raised hundreds of pounds for the RNLI. “It’s just a great pleasure to play in the open air, and the public are very generous,” said Holly.


August 1st, 2019



Hazel,86, knits a pattern for charity work


If anyone summed up the spirit of charity work during Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week it was Hazel Swindells, 86, from the West Midlands.

Hazel is grandmother to Claire Perkins, the young woman who drowned in 2011 when her electric wheelchair fell into the town’s harbour.

Hazel,  her daughter Paula and Paula’s husband, Mark, travel from the West Midlands every year to help RNLI volunteers running the week which often raises £35,000 for the life-savung charity.

During the week Hazel sold programmes at the lifeboat station and at the same time knitted fingerless gloves which she sold for the RNLI. One visitor bought a pair for £14.

Hazel said: “I knit all day and every day and the gloves have been very popular.”

Hazel knits all year round, anything from the gloves to jumpers and cardigans, and always for charity including the one that supports people with the illness her grand-daughter suffered from.



27 July 2019


First day crowds enjoy sunshine at Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week


Huge crowds packed Lyme Regis today in the sunshine for the first day of this year’s Lifeboat Week.

A major attraction was the appearance of actor John Challis – Boycie in Only Fools and Horses – to officially open the week and then to deal with long queues to sign his autobiography.

Another major event was the welcome display by the Lyme Regis inshore lifeboat, Spirit of Loch Fyne, the all weather lifeboat from Exmouth and the coastguard helicopter from St Athan, South Wales.

Belly dancing from the Easter Promise group, an art exhibition and a display by members of the Weymouth and Portland Model Boat Club also attracted admiring audiences.



27 July, 2019


Three thrown overboard as dinghy is swamped by waves


Three young men, thrown overboard from their dinghy, have been praised by the RNLI for their text book response to the drama.

The men’s dinghy was swamped by waves at St. Gabriel’s Steps near Golden Cap last night (Friday).

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched at 6.40pm. after coastguards reported the dinghy capsize and three people in the water.

Members of the volunteer lifeboat crew who responded to their pager alert included seven who had just started  to take part in a charity cricket match at Uplyme on the eve of lifeboat week.

The three men, all wearing lifejackets, managed to swim safely ashore. One member of the lifeboat crew also swam ashore to assist coastguards who escorted the three to Charmouth.

Ken Lavery, Deputy Launching Authority at the lifeboat station, said: ”The young men responded to their dilemma in an exemplary manner. All wore lifejackets, they kept each other in sight as they swam ashore, one had a kill cord attached to his ankle so their outboard engine stopped, and they even removed the petrol tank to avoid pollution. It was text book stuff.”

Owner of the 3.8m inflatable James Chambers, 23, from Leatherhead, Surrey was visiting Dorset with his fiancé Georgie, also 23, for their engagement party. The other two aboard the dinghy were James’ brother  Harry, 19, and friend James Goodall, 23, also from Surrey.

James Chambers said: ”We were hit by a big wave at the back of the dinghy and we were all tipped out. We were about 100metres from the beach. We swam ashore and we were all fine.”


24th July 2019

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat launched after report of people in the water and a broken down fishing boat

Lyme Regis Lifeboat launched today
(Wednesday) at 12.45pm today to a report of a 3 people in the water and a broken down fishing vessel near West Bexington.
Volunteer lifeboat crew were quick to launch after being notified by the coastguard. On arriving on scene, the crew discovered the casualties had made it ashore and managed to bring their 15ft fishing boat ashore.
The trio from Berkshire were on their fishing boat when it suffered engine failure, they managed to get the boat ashore and wait for assistance.
Two of the lifeboat crew swam ashore to liaise with the West Bay coastguard rescue team to ensure the casualties were safe and well. The crew set up a tow and towed the boat and people back to West Bay. The lifeboat returned to Lyme Regis by 2.30pm



20 July 2019


School’s £700 donation to RNLI life-savers


Pupils at Axe Valley Academy in Axminster have donated more than £700 to the RNLI in Lyme Regis following the rescue of two of their school colleagues last month.

One of the 14 year olds, Archie Woollacott, handed a donation of £731 to volunteer helm Murray Saunders at the school’s last assembly before the summer break yesterday (Fri).

The money was raised by Archie who had his head shaved for sponsorship and by hundreds of students who donated on a non-uniform day.

Archie, from Fishpond, Dorset, and his friend, known as Bo, were rescued by the Lyme Regis lifeboat crew after being swept out to sea from the mouth of the River Axe on June 28.

Youngsters at the  packed school assembly were  given some sea safety advice by Murray Saunders on the eve of their six week summer holiday. He warned against so-called tomb-stoning and urged the students to remember the RNLI’s message to:’ Respect the Water.’



12 July 2019


Another close shave for Archie, 14, after rescue by lifeboat crew


A 14 year old schoolboy rescued with his friend after being swept out to sea from the River Axe has had another close shave.

Archie Woollacott, from Fishpond, Dorset, had his hair shaved off today to raise a donation for the RNLI volunteers from Lyme Regis who saved him and his friend, known as Bo, also 14,  on June 28.

With a hundred of his fellow students at Axe Valley Academy and his mum, Emily, looking on Archie had his very short back and sides as fellow student Sammie D’Alberlansln wielded the electric razor.

Archie reckons he raised some £300 with his haircut and the school also received donations for the RNLI on its no-uniform day. A presentation is planned for next Friday at the last assembly before the summer break.

30th June
One of the boys our crew rescued, (see below) Archie Woollacott, surprised us by presenting the crew with a lemon drizzle cake he had baked this morning. Archie attends cookery classes at school and said: "I just wanted to meet the crew who saved me and to say thank you properly." It now appears that he and his friend, Bo, were in the water for about an hour. Photo shows Archie (right) in the bows of the lifeboat with the cake and  helm Murray Saunders and other members of the crew foreground.

28th June 2019

 Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew rescue two boys being swept out to sea

Two teenaged boys being swept out to sea from the River Axe were rescued tonight by the volunteer crew of the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat.

The lifeboat was launched at 6.20pm after a report of one boy in difficulties. It later became clear that two boys were in the water, and it is thought one was trying to help the other.

The lifeboat was on the scene within ten minutes of launching and with the help of Beer coastguards found the boys some 200 metres out at sea  south of the River Axe.

Lifeboat helm Murray Saunders said:” The coastguards were a terrific help and guided us to the boys who were waving to us. It was very fortunate that we found them so quickly. They were obviously very cold and relieved to see us.”

The boys were taken aboard the lifeboat and then winched from the lifeboat to a coastguard helicopter. It is understood they were then transferred to an air ambulance and taken to hospital in Dorchester.

The lifeboat crew returned to Lyme Regis harbour at 7.20p.m. 
More with video on the rescue of two boys on the River Axe on the RNLI News Centre:



28 June 2019


Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week 2019 aims to be bigger and better than ever

Plans are being finalised for Lifeboat Week, one of the biggest summer attractions in Lyme Regis and a huge fund raiser for the RNLI, the charity that saves lives at sea.
This year’s event gets under way on July 27th , and the official opening will be performed by actor John Challis who played Boycie in the BBC TV hit series Only Fools and Horses.

All the old favourites are in the week’s attractions…the bath tub race, tug o’ war across the harbour mouth, and the spectacular Army parachute display team The Red Devils.

As usual there will be a mix of events to appeal to all ages, including the swimming challenge for adults and children, a fascinating birds of prey demonstration and a crab fishing competition for the youngsters.

One new attraction this year is a singalong version of the film Mama Mia ! being screened at the Marine Theatre. This event also includes a competition for the best Abba adult and youngster outfit.

Lifeboat Week is organised by the local volunteer RNLI fund-raisers, the Lyme Regis and Charmouth Lifeboat Supporters, with help from the lifeboat crew.

Chairman of the Supporters Ken Lavery said:”  At first there were lifeboat days, but Lyme Regis has had a action-packed lifeboat week since the 1970s, and in recent years the event has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for our life-saving charity.

“On average the week raises between £30,000 and £35,000 and we are deeply grateful to visitors, residents and traders for their generous donations.

“This year we believe we have a bigger and better event all round, and all we need for another great week is good weather.”

This year it’s hoped to provide a detailed programme on line and it  will also be available at outlets around the town and, of course, the lifeboat shop on The Cobb.  


Lyme Regis RNLI flag at half mast following French lifeboat  tragedy

The flag at the RNLI lifeboat station in Lyme Regis was flown at half mast following news of the loss of three crew members when a French lifeboat capsized during a rescue.

Lifeboat Operations Manager in Lyme Regis, Nick Marks said: “As a mark of our respect we took the decision to lower our flag on Friday and a message of support was posted on twitter.”

The RNLI said in a statement: “This is tragic news and a shock to all of us in the lifesaving family. Times like this remind us how perilous the water can be, Our thoughts go out to all involved.”



Lifeboat flag day success

Flag day in Lyme Regis and Charmouth in aid of the RNLI charity on June 1st raised £990.09.
Organiser Gwyneth Barker said: “We had forty volunteer collectors on duty during the day and, once again, we are so grateful for the donations to our charity that exists to save lives at sea.”


28th May


Authors put lifeboat in the picture with photo donation



The joint authors of a top selling book about Dorset, who presented a £1000 cheque to the volunteers of Lyme Regis RNLI, today turned that cheque into a gift of photographic equipment for use by the lifeboat crew.

Fanny Charles and Gay Pirrie-Weir have already donated some £40,000 to charities, proceeds from their books including Deepest Dorset,  which covers a wide range of subjects about the county including food, farming, fossils and landscape.

Fanny said:” We first presented a cheque but then we heard the lifeboat crew wanted some photographic equipment  to help raise their profile even higher. We wanted the donation to be spent locally and we are delighted to help.”

Fanny and Gay presented crew member Dave Holland with a telephoto lens and photo printer.

Fanny and Gay’s book is published by Deepest Books, price £20. More information at www.deepestbooks.co.uk or phone 0196332525.





26th May

Blessing of the boats remembers tragedy and rescues
An estimated two hundred people attended today’s Blessing of the Boats open air service at the RNLI’s lifeboat station in Lyme Regis. The poignant service was conducted by the Rev. Rosemary Bragg, interregnum team vicar, and the Rev Eric Holdstock from Lyme Regis Baptist Church.  The lesson was read by the recently elected Mayor of Lyme Regis, Councillor Brian Larcombe.
Four wreaths were taken out to sea by members of the volunteer lifeboat crew, marking remembrance of those who have died but also celebrating ‘relief and gratitude’ for lifeboat crews, coastguards and helicopter crews all of whom have saved many lives.
Music for the service was provided by Lyme Regis Town Band.


26th May 

Lifeboat launched to upturned Kayak
Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched last night (Sat) following reports of an upturned kayak off West Bexington.  The volunteer crew launched at 7.27pm, but shortly afterwards coastguards ashore reported they had contacted the kayak’s owner, safe and well on the beach. The kayak was recovered later.

25 May  2019

 Million-pound training fund helps Lyme Regis RNLI crew learn vital skills

Two  volunteer crew members at Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat station have had a vital part of their crew training funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

Georgia Robson, 25, and Dave Holland,46,,   recently travelled to the RNLI College in Poole,  to complete the charity’s Crew Emergency Procedures course.. Georgia, is a business manager with a vehicle comany  and Dave  is an assistant bar manager.


The course sees volunteer crew being trained in a variety of crucial subjects such as how to deal with fires aboard lifeboats, how to ‘abandon ship’ in the event of an emergency (with a 4m jump into water), team survival swimming, coping in a life-raft in simulated darkness, how to right a capsized inshore lifeboat, and the importance of lifejackets. It also includes sessions on the correct use of flares, fire extinguishers and grab bags.


Talking about the training, Dave said:”  The course was informative, invigorating and I have learned a great deal,, all of which will be immensely useful in my volunteer duties with the lifeboat crew. Myself and Georgia also greatly valued the team building aspect of the course.”


Georgia and Dave’s training took place in the Sea Survival Centre at the RNLI College, where they were joined by other RNLI volunteer crew members from around the UK and Ireland.


The training was funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a charitable foundation that helps to protect life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research. The Foundation has committed to funding the RNLI’s Crew Emergency Procedures course for a second 5-year period until December 2020. This additional funding of £1.06M brings their total support for RNLI crew training to just over £2.46M* since 2008. More than 3,000 RNLI volunteer crew members have now received the training thanks to Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s funding. 


James Kilburn, Lifesaving Delivery Training Manager at the RNLI said, ‘We are so grateful to Lloyd’s Register Foundation for funding this vital part of our volunteer crews’ training.


‘Their support is very important to us and it’s fantastic how, so far, over 3,000 of our crew members have benefited from Lloyd’s Register Foundation funding this part of their training. As only one in ten of our volunteer crew members comes from a professional maritime background, the Crew Emergency Procedures course is crucial in giving our volunteers the training they need and helping keep them as safe as possible





Lifeboat teams welcome all to open day and blessing of the boats



Crew members and supporters of the RNLI lifeboat in Lyme Regis are staging an open day followed by the annual Blessing of the Boats service on Sunday, May 26th.

The lifeboat station on the Cobb will be open from 10am to 2pm. Blessing of the Boats begins at 3pm.

During the open day volunteer lifeboat crew and members of the fundraisers, the Lyme Regis and Charmouth Lifeboat Supporters Group, will be on hand to talk about all aspects of volunteering for the charity.

The supporters organise many fund-raising events throughout the year including Lifeboat Week which this year starts on July 27th.

Chairman of the supporters group, retired surgeon Ken Lavery, said: ”Lifeboat Week is our major fund-raising event and  donations during the week regularly total around £30,000.

“Our volunteers are incredibly enthusiastic, but we could always do with more help so we thought we would hold an open day in the hope that we might interest more people to join us. We are a very friendly group and there are plenty of social activities during the year.”

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks also hopes to attract some interest from men and women who may want to join the volunteer crew.”We hope the open day will give an opportunity for visitors to discuss with us how the lifeboat operation works and if we find a few people who would like to join the crew so much the better.”

So far this year the Lyme Regis lifeboat crew have answered six emergency calls. Last year’s total was 40 ‘shouts.’

Anyone interested in joining the supporters group can do so on May 26th or call membership secretary Anne Marks on 07802 675985.

The Blessing of the Boats  inter- denominational service at the lifeboat station will be conducted by local clergy and will be accompanied by the Lyme Regis Town Band.   


Four rescued by Lyme Regis RNLI crew as speedboat breaks down


Four people – two men and two women – were rescued by the volunteer RNLI crew of Lyme Regis lifeboat last night (Monday) when their speedboat suffered engine failure.

The lifeboat was launched at 7.52pm and was on scene, 100metres south of Golden Cap, seven minutes later.

The lifeboat crew towed the speedboat to the safety of West Bay Harbour, arriving at 8.22pm and returned to Lyme Regis at 8.50pm.

This was the sixth ‘shout’ for the Lyme Regis crew so far this year.

‘Deepest Dorset’ helps to keep RNLI Lyme Regis afloat

The joint authors of Deepest Dorset, a book which looks at what makes Dorset special, have donated £1,000 from sales to a charity they also regard as special…the RNLI in Lyme Regis.


Fanny Charles and Gay Pirrie-Weir have already donated some £40,000 to charities, including the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, the Dorset Community Foundation and the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust following sales of the book.


Fanny Charles, who  presented a cheque to Deputy Launching Authority Ken Lavery, said: “The lifeboat volunteers do a fantastic job and we wanted to be certain our donation went to this particular group of people based in Lyme Regis.”


Deepest Dorset covers wide-ranging subjects including landscape, and literature, food, farming and fossils, architecture, the arts  and the oil industry and is published by Deepest Books, price £20. For more information visit www.deepestbooks.co.uk or phone 01963 32525.


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat launched  after report of  two people in the water and sinking boat

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat launched today  at 11am after reports of two people in the water and a sinking boat at Seaton, Devon.


The volunteer crew arrived on scene within ten minutes of launching by which time one person had reached  shore safely and the  other had been recovered by a passing fishing vessel and then transferred to the Sidmouth independent lifeboat. Both people were met by an ambulance team ashore.


The lifeboat crew managed to recover the sinking 20 foot vessel and towed  the boat back to Lyme Regis where more crew were able to work  with the harbourmaster’s team to recover the boat to safety.

It was reported that the boat had hit the harbour wall when trying to leave Axmouth harbour near Seaton.


Lyme Regis lifeboat helm Jon Broome said: ‘Our crew were quick to launch and get to Seaton in a  flat sea. Thankfully the two people were safely ashore when we arrived so we could focus on recovering the damaged boat.

 ‘This Easter bank holiday weekend will see  high tides so we would urge members of the public to take care when out walking and check tide times.’


Lifeboat fund-raisers highlight a year of success

A change of name, nearly £67,000 raised for the charity last year and plans a for a better-than-ever Lifeboat Week in 2019.

These were the highlights of the annual meeting of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild last night (Weds).

After decades as a Guild the volunteers, who form the fund-raising branch of the RNLI, are now members of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth Lifeboat Supporters Group.

Chairman Ken Lavery said the title of RNLI Guild ‘does not tell people what we are about.’

Members voted for the name change and now plan an open day at the lifeboat station in a bid to raise the profile of the group and attract new members.

Mr. Lavery praised a ‘superb’ committee and said plans were now under way for  a better than ever Lifeboat Week with many old and new events.

Treasurer Brian Cursley reported that the group had raised a total of £66,806 for the life-saving charity during 2018, including £35,152 during Lifeboat Week.

He said:”It has been an extremely good year, and all down to our volunteers.”

The meeting heard that takings at the lifeboat shop on the Cobb totalled £138,203 and it had been the best performing RNLI shop not attached to a museum or visitor experience centre.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks told the meeting that the volunteer crew members had answered 40 emergency calls during the year.

Analysis of the ‘shouts’ showed that most involved missing persons, people cut off by the tide, and broken down vessels.

Mr Marks said that because there were locations between Lyme Regis and Golden Cap where the lifeboat could not be beached crew members had to swim ashore to reach people in trouble.

He said the question of getting an additional, much smaller boat for use in such situations was being investigated.


Lifeboat launched to a Batman balloon

Volunteer crew members of the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat last night (Friday) recovered one of the oddest items in recent years after receiving an emergency call…a batman balloon.

The alert was raised when coastguards received a report of’an ‘object’ floating in the water off Abbotsbury.

Lifeboat helm Tim Edwards said:’ Obviously from the shore it would not have been clear what this object was. It would have looked very strange, so it was something which had to be checked out by us and the coastguards.

‘When we were close to the object it became clear it was a large helium type balloon with a batman logo.

‘We recovered the balloon from the sea to prevent pollution.’ 

The lifeboat launched at 6.30pm and returned to Lyme Regis at 7.45. This was the fourth call answered by the Lyme Regis volunteers so far this year.


15 March 2019

Georgia gets her first ‘shout’ as a lifeboat crew member…while she is in the dentist’s chair

The third ‘shout’ of the year today (Friday) was the first for Georgia Robson, only the fourth woman ever to join the volunteer crew of the RNLI’s Lyme Regis lifeboat.

And the occasion was certainly one she won’t forget…she was in the dentist’s chair when her pager sounded the alert. “I just had to apologise and explain why I had to leave,” said Georgia, “and I have now made another appointment to finish my treatment.”

Lyme-born Georgia, 24, joined as shore crew just over a year ago and recently qualified as a sea-going  member of the team.

She said: ”We were called to investigate an unidentified object floating near the promenade at West Bay, so it was just a little worrying as to what we would find.

“It turned out to be nothing more serious than a large marker buoy but, of course, when the coastguards receive a call from a worried onlooker we have to go.

“I just love being a member of the crew and will have to be patient for my second opportunity to go to sea on a shout.”

The lifeboat was launched at 11.52a.m.and returned to Lyme Regis harbour an hour later.




Midlands coffee club mark Lyme Regis RNLI rescue of soldier with £700 donation



Members of  a coffee club in the land-locked Midlands have sent a donation of £765 to  RNLI volunteers in Lyme Regis to mark their part in the rescue of a soldier with a broken leg in 2017.

Tim Robinson, now 56, slipped on rocks and staggered for more than two hours in the dark before he was found by the lifeboat crew and coastguards near Golden Cap, east of Lyme Regis  in January two years ago.

Tim’s parents, Anne and Noel Robinson, are members of the Wednesday Coffee Club at Etwall in Derbyshire and when the club decided  to nominate the RNLI as their charity for 2018 they suggested a donation to the Dorset volunteers. A similar sum was sent to the RNLI team at Exmouth which had hosted a visit from the club.

The chairman of  the City of Derby Fundraising Branch of the RNLI, William Stanier, gave a talk to the coffee club and received the donation. Tim Robinson spoke of his gratitude to his rescuers at the same meeting.

During the rescue two first-aid trained members of the lifeboat crew, Tom Crabbe and Tom Wallis, went ashore to help coastguards assess Mr Robinson’s condition. The lifeboat crew later took Mr Robinson aboard to a waiting ambulance at Lyme Regis harbour.    

 Nick Marks, Lifeboat Operations Manager in Lyme Regis, said:  ”We were delighted to hear of this donation from RNLI supporters so far from the sea, and we are pleased to hear that Mr Robinson has recovered from his ordeal.”


24 February 2019

Cliff Warning

Coastguards and the RNLI in Lyme Regis have issued a stark warning to people risking their lives as they ignore the dangers of the beautiful Jurassic Coast.

The latest warnings follow two incidents in which seven people were cut off by the tide, and photographs emerged of a couple and four children climbing in the mud on a cliff at Charmouth.

Volunteer Lyme Regis RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks said: “This latest evidence of people climbing the cliff with children is a serious concern, as is those who become cut off by the tide.

“ I fear serious injury, or even loss of life, is a real possibility when people do not take seriously the dangers that the coast presents.

“That is not to say they should not enjoy the coast, but it is to emphasise that they must take great care and plan their activities according to the conditions”

The photographs were taken (last Thurs) by a fossil hunter on the beach at Charmouth, who said:”I was horrified to see two adults and four children, all apparently under the age of ten, climbing the cliff. Mud was actually falling off the cliff at the time.

“I also saw two wellington boots stuck in the mud and presumably abandoned by their wearers.”

Coastguards, who have dealt with several incidents involving people cut off by the tide or trapped on cliffs, have also issued many warnings and advice.

Nick Bale, Station Officer at Lyme Regis Coastguard, said today (Sun): “We have carried out six rescues in the space of 72 hours. In all cases the casualties have put themselves in unnecessary danger through lack of forethought and ignoring straightforward advice and signage. Their rescuers have also been put into these dangerous situations.

“Coastguard advice remains very clear…do not put yourself at risk by climbing  cliffs or investigating muddy areas as you can easily become stuck. If you do become stuck, remain calm and keep as still as you can.

“If you find yourself in difficulty at sea, on the beach or the cliffs or if you see something which gives you cause for concern do not hesitate…dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.”


20th February 2019


Lifeboat called to couple cut off by tide


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched yesterday (Tuesday 19th Feb) to assist coastguards ashore following reports of two people cut off by the tide near Charmouth.


The lifeboat crew launched at 5.15pm and were quickly on scene, the casualties were attempting to walk in the shale mud landslides below the cliffs between Charmouth and Golden Cap. One of the volunteer crew swam in to help, they waited for the coastguard rescue helicopter and were winched up and taken to a landing site in Charmouth setup by the local coastguard teams.


The two people rescued were teachers from West London visiting the area for the day. One said “we are so grateful to everyone involved with rescuing us today and we’re ever so sorry for the inconvenience”


This was the second emergency call answered by the Lyme Regis RNLI volunteers to assist with people cut off by the tide in the last three days.


Nick Marks, Lifeboat Operations Manager said “We would encourage any visitor to the area to check tide times before walking along the beach, either Lyme Regis Tourist Information Centre or Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre. This half term week the local area is experiencing very high tides, so it is very important to check.”

If you see anyone in trouble in the sea, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.




Lifeboat called to five cut off by tide


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched Sunday, 17 February to assist coastguards ashore following reports of five people and a dog cut off by the tide near Charmouth.

The lifeboat crew, who launched at 4.05pm, stood off liaising by radio with coastguards ashore, until a rescue helicopter arrived and landed the people safely on dry land.

This was the first emergency call answered by the Lyme Regis RNLI volunteers so far this year.



30 January 2019



Christmas 2019 comes early for Lyme Regis  lifeboat families

Christmas this year came eleven months early last night (Tues) for the crew of the RNLI lifeboat in Lyme Regis and their families.

The lifesaving charity chose the town’s crew to feature in a film spelling out the need to stay safe by the water and emphasising how the volunteers are available all year round.

The film features crew member Georgia Robson as she is about to tuck into her Christmas dinner. Her pager goes off and she runs through the streets of Lyme Regis to the lifeboat station.

The lifeboat is launched and the crew ‘rescue’ Seb Cope, one of their colleagues.

Later Georgia discovers that crew members and their families have all turned up at the lifeboat station to have their Christmas dinner, and finally she can enjoy hers after responding to the lifeboat ‘shout.’

The film’s director Harrison Bates, from the RNLI’s Film and Image department at headquarters in Poole, said: ‘Filming went extremely well and the crew and their families were fantastic. We hope the film will stress the need to keep safe by the water, not only at Christmas, and will also demonstrate how the RNLI’s volunteers are on call all year round.’

It’s hoped the film will be screened on-line and on social media, among other outlets, close to Christmas.


20 January 2019

Coastguard Helicopter Exercise Volunteers with the RNLI’s inshore lifeboat based in Lyme Regis took part in a major exercise with the coastguard helicopter today (Sun). The 75 minute exercise began when the helicopter, from St. Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan, landed on the beach and the aircraft’s winchman transferred to the lifeboat.

Senior lifeboat helm Tim Edwards said: ”This was a really valuable exercise in dealing with a casualty at sea, particularly with the winchman aboard to advise on the handling of difficult situations when performing complicated rescues involving the coastguard helicopter.”



14 January 2019


Beth drops in at Lyme Regis RNLI on walk around UK

Long distance walker Beth Wilkes called in at the RNLI lifeboat station in Lyme Regis today (Monday) during her marathon journey around  the UK coastline.

Beth, from the West Midlands, started her trek at Tower Lifeboat Station on the River Thames on 3 October and plans to visit all the RNLI premises during the year.

Beth is raising funds for the RNLI and the Lowland Rescue charities and aims to travel some ten miles a day staying with supporters on the way.

She was welcomed  in Lyme Regis by volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks who said: ”I never cease to be amazed by the efforts of people supporting the RNLI in our efforts to save lives at sea. I wish Beth every success in her mammoth undertaking.”


9 January 2019


New Year challenges for lifeboat crew

Three members of the crew of the RNLI’s lifeboat in Lyme Regis have made New Year role changes after serving as volunteers for almost a total of four decades.

Self-employed carpenter Mark Colley has retired as a helm on reaching the sea-going age limit of 55 in December and after serving for 20 years. He plans to continue as shore crew and to assist with training new recruits.

Mark Gage has reluctantly left the crew after moving home to Bridport. In 15 years he served as shore crew, boat crew and boat and tractor mechanic. He works as an energy and environment manager for the Brend Hotel Group.

Mark Gage said: “It has been an honour and  privilege to volunteer with the Lyme Regis RNLI crew and I leave with a heavy heart.”

Pete (correct) Cable,24, joined the crew at 17. He left to go to university, returned and has now left to join the Royal Navy where he plans to train to become a Weapons Engineer Officer. He hopes to assist as shore crew with Lyme Regis RNLI during leave from the navy.

Pete’s father John is a long-serving member of the lifeboat crew.



27 December 2018


Lifeboat launched to ‘drifting kayaks’


The volunteer crew of Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat answered their 40th emergency call of the year today (Dec 27) following reports of  what appeared to be two drifting kayaks a mile and a half to the east of the town’s harbour.

The ‘kayaks’ turned out to be large black fenders drifting out to sea south of the Black Ven cliff.

The fenders were recovered by the lifeboat crew and taken ashore at Lyme Regis harbour.

The lifeboat was launched at 11.30am and the crew returned to harbour half an hour later.   



26 December 2018


Charmouth Christmas Day swim brings out the crowds


A gloomy Christmas Day morning did nothing to deter spectators and swimmers for the annual display of crazy and colourful costumes and generous donations to the RNLI for the annual fancy dress swim at Charmouth.

An estimated 300 people watched as dozens of swimmers – Santas, skeletons, elves and vicars among them – charged into the  chilly  waves as Lyme Regis town crier Alan Vian announced the start of the popular event.

At least £1,500 was raised for the RNLI charity, and the event was supported by the landlords of Charmouth’s  Royal Oak pub, Matthew and Sue Bracey, who supplied warming mulled wine for the courageous swimmers.




December 26 2018


RNLI wellie dog family has a puppy for Christmas


One of the most popular features on the Cobb in Lyme Regis, the dog created from worn - out lifeboat wellies, had a happy event in time for Christmas.

With the help, in his garden shed, of long-serving RNLI lifeboat crew member Garry Gibbs, the one wellie dog outside the lifeboat shop has become a family of three.

Dozens of Boxing Day visitors to the town took photographs of the dogs, and the next development will be finding a family name.

“That may have to wait until lifeboat week next year, “ said RNLI shop manager Krys Lavery, “but we still have to make a decision on this important issue.”

Wellie dog family creator Garry Gibbs said: “Lots of people asked me if the one dog would have a family because he looked lonely outside the shop. So I found some more worn-out wellies and the mummy dog and the puppy are the result.”




9 December 2018


Lifeboat volunteers honoured for long service


Sixty people- members of the crew, their families and friends – welcomed Christmas yesterday (Sat) at the annual presentation party of the volunteers of Lyme Regis RNLI.

Four crew members, who have volunteered  for a total of 90 years, received awards. They are Andrew Rice (30 years), and Lance Taylor, Tim Edwards and Brian Street, all 20 years.

The award for the crew member of year – voted by the crew – went to senior helm Tim Edwards.

Somewhat less serious presentations were the Bent Propeller Trophy ‘won’ by Mark Colley and the Man Overboard award to John Rickard.

A special award – a photograph of the event – went to three members of the crew who were rescued by their own colleagues in August, An onlooker ashore thought kite surfers Elliott Herbert, Murray Saunders and Rich Tilley were in difficulties when the wind dropped a mile off Charmouth.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks told partygoers at the Harbour Inn that 2018 had a been a successful year with almost 40 ‘shouts’ , around twice the total for the previous year. More trainees had joined and the crew never once missed a launch because of a shortage of volunteers.

He added: ”We have a very good team and we can take pride in having done our job pretty well.”




19 November 2018


Christmas Day swim to draw the crowds


Weather permitting, one of the most popular festive events – the Christmas Day swim at Charmouth – is set to draw hundreds of spectators, and those brave enough to take a dip.

Fancy dress is not compulsory but vicars, dinosaurs, and crusaders are expected to turn up as usual from 11am on the big morning.

The event is planned by the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild  and regularly raises in the region of £2,000 for the life-saving charity.

Charmouth’s Royal Oak pub is again supporting the swim and will be providing mulled wine for the courageous participants.

A spokesman for the organisers said: “If the weather co-operates

we are hoping for the usual big turn out of those who just want to enjoy the spectacle and, of course, those brave enough to dip more than a toe in the chilly surf.”

Members of the volunteer crew of the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat will be keeping a watchful eye out  during the event which will be subject to a risk assessment of conditions during the morning.





14 November 2018


Exhausted windsurfer rescued by Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew


A  windsurfer in difficulties was rescued on Saturday 10th November by the volunteer crew of Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat

The alarm was raised by a  woman who was watching the windsurfer from Lyme Regis beach. When she could not see the windsurfer  for about 10 minutes, she called coastguards.

Lyme Regis lifeboat launched at 1pm and was quickly on scene to assist the exhausted windsurfer. He was taken aboard the lifeboat and returned to the safety of the lifeboat station by 2pm.

This was the 38th emergency call answered by the lifeboat crew so far this year.




2 November 2018


Lone sailor rescued after bitterly cold night at sea



A lone sailor who spent hours at sea in an open boat in bitterly cold conditions was rescued today (Fri) by the volunteer crew of Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat.

The man had been reported in difficulties in a 15ft yacht eleven miles east of the town by Lyme Regis fire chief Virgil Turner who was on a fishing trip.

The man was found to be suffering from the effects of the cold conditions and was taken to Lyme Regis harbour by the lifeboat crew where he was met by an ambulance. He was later taken to hospital.

After getting the man safely ashore, the lifeboat crew returned to the scene and towed the yacht to Lyme Regis harbour.

The lifeboat launched at 8.35am and returned to the boathouse, after two journeys to sea, three and a half hours later.

This was the 37th emergency call answered by the lifeboat crew so far this year.


26 October 2018


Man rescued by Lyme Regis RNLI crew as sailing boat capsizes


A local sailor, Frank Connor, was rescued on Friday 26th October  by the volunteer crew of Lyme Regis RNLI when his sailing boat capsized off Burton Bradstock.

The lifeboat was launched at 11.25am when Solent coastguards alerted the Lyme Regis crew to a report of a man sitting on the hull of his capsized boat.


The report to the coastguard came from a dog walker on the beach.  Mr. Connor said “We can all get caught out but thankfully the crew were fantastic, a real good attitude and great manner”


The lifeboat crew took Mr. Connor to meet  coastguards in West Bay harbour. Then they returned to right the sailing boat and tow the broken-down vessel to the safety of West Bay harbour and returned to Lyme Regis at 1.30pm.


24 October 2018


Lifeboat launched to ‘lost’ walkers


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched last night (Tues) to assist coastguards attempting to trace two people reported to be ‘lost’ on cliffs west of the town.

The pair – a man and a boy – were spotted from the sea  by the volunteer lifeboat crew, and coastguards ashore were then able to meet them  at Pinhay Bay.

The lifeboat launched at 5.16pm and returned to Lyme Regis harbour an hour later


22 October 2018


Man and two dogs in speedboat rescued by Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew


The skipper of a 16ft speedboat and his two dogs were rescued by the volunteer crew of the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat this afternoon (Mon) when his vessel broke down two miles off Axmouth.

The lifeboat was launched at 2.26pm and the crew towed the speedboat to the safety of Lyme Regis harbour. This was the 34th emergency call answered by the Lyme Regis volunteers so far this year.



21 October 2018


Coastguards and lifeboat crew aid elderly woman injured after fall on rocks


Coastguards and the volunteer crew of Lyme Regis lifeboat went to the aid of a 71 year old woman who fell on rocks during fossil hunting today (Sunday).

The woman, a regular visitor to Lyme Regis from her home in Jersey, was with members of her family, including two grandchildren, when she fell and badly injured her right leg on Monmouth beach west of the town.

Coastguards ashore decided it was not safe to carry the woman across stones and boulders and requested the lifeboat to stand off. The lifeboat was launched at 3.03pmand returned to the boathouse at 4.25pm. A coastguard helicopter took the woman to hospital in Dorchester.

Two lifeboat crew members went ashore to assist coastguards.

The woman’s son said: “We are very grateful for the help my mother received from the coastguards and the lifeboat crew.”

The family did not wish to be named.



19 October 2018


Man rescued by Lyme Regis RNLI crew as fishing boat breaks down

Bridport builder Stephen Harwood was rescued this evening (Fri) by the volunteer crew of Lyme Regis RNLI when his fishing boat broke down off Burton Bradstock.

The lifeboat was launched at 5.10pm when Solent coastguards alerted  the Lyme Regis crew to Mr. Harwood’s 16ft fishing vessel, named Seamouse. which had suffered engine failure.

The lifeboat crew towed the broken down vessel to the safety of West Bay harbour and returned to Lyme Regis at 6.30pm.



18 October 2018

Fish suppers raise a tasty sum for RNLI

Three fish suppers held by volunteers in Lyme Regis raised well over £1000 for the  RNLI.

The town’s sailing club was packed with diners and, with generous help  from the Fisherman’s Wife takeaway, a total of £742 was raised. The event, attended by some 60 people, was organised by Trish Wiliams and Di Mattock.

At the lifeboat station Petrina Muscroft prepared a lifeboat-themed menu that included Shannon class salmon, Tamara tuna broccoli and chick peas and B class baked potatoes. More than 30 people were served in two hours and £377 .50 was raised.

A third event at the Nag’s Head pub, where owners James and Rebecca De-Voisey were generously supported by Matt from Herbies Dino Bar, raised £200. Some 33 tickets were sold for fish and chips, scallops and chips and double cheeseburger and chips.

Nick Marks, volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager for the RNLI in Lyme Regis, said: ”I would like to thank everyone involved in any way with these delicious fund-raising events. Many local people and businesses contributed with great generosity.”


13th October 2018


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat launches in Storm Callum


Lyme Regis lifeboat launched in rough sea conditions on Friday (12 October) to a report of a person in the water near Chesil beach.

The lifeboat volunteer crew responded to a call from the Coastguard following a report of a person in difficulties.

The  crew were contacted by the Coastguard at 3.35pm.  Half an hour  later the crew were stood down when a local coastguard response team reported it was not a person in the water.

The alarm had been raised   by a member of the public and was recorded as a false alarm with good intent.



10th October 2018                                                                  


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew called to ‘children in trouble’


Lyme Regis lifeboat launched this afternoon (Thursday 10 October) to a report of a boat drifting with three children aboard.

Lyme Regis lifeboat volunteer crew responded to a call from the Coastguard to a report of a boat with three children being blown off shore near West Bay.

The  crew were contacted by the Coastguard at 3.49pm to assist a reported drifting boat. Twenty minutes later the crew had arrived on scene to find the children had made it safely to shore and all were safe and well.

The call came from a member of the public who thought  the children were struggling against the wind.

If you see someone in trouble at the coast, call 999 and ask for the coastguard


10th October 2018                                                                  

Lyme Regis RNLI station – Mayoral visit

Lyme Regis lifeboat hosted Dorset Mayors at the station as part of the Lyme Regis Town Councils Civic Day.
Lyme Regis Town Mayor Michaela Ellis welcomed about 40 Mayors, Chairman, Deputy Mayors and other dignitaries from across the county as part of Civic Day. The notable representatives were taken on a tour of the lifeboat station, the lifeboat and tractor and received a presentation on the importance of training and equipment required for the volunteer crew.

Nick Marks, Lifeboat Operations Manager said, “We were very happy to welcome the representatives from Dorset councils which has enable us to highlight contribution of our volunteers in saving lives at sea, RNLI fundraising and promoting the wider RNLI initiatives for community safety”.


10 October 2018 

Tributes are paid to Irene Roper, ‘a passionate volunteer’


Tributes have been paid to Irene Roper, former chairman of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild, who died during this year’s Lifeboat Week.

Irene was a member of the guild for nine years and chairman for four.

She was passionate about Lifeboat Week, in particular, and it is estimated that during her spell as chairman no less than £156,000 was raised for the RNLI charity.

Irene moved to Lyme Regis from North London eleven years ago. Her partner, David, died three years ago.

Irene had three sons, Matthew, Stuart and Daniel and seven grandchildren.

In April this year it was announced that Irene was to receive the RNLI’s Excellence in Volunteering Award. It will now be accepted by her sister, Maggie and son Daniel at a ceremony in London in November.

Irene was also a supporter of the Royal British Legion.

As her sister, Maggie put it: ”Irene loved volunteering for the RNLI and also worked in the shop.  But she absolutely put her heart and soul into Lifeboat Week.”



7 October 2018

Bowls club boosts lifeboat week total

Lifeboat week proceeds for the RNLI charity in Lyme Regis were boosted by £200 today (Sun) when the town’s bowls club presented a cheque during a crew training session.

Club captain Alan Nabarro handed the cheque to the chairman of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild, Ken Lavery. The donation was raised during a lifeboat week bowling drive.


2 October 2018

Golden wedding couple donate their ‘presents’ to RNLI


Donations to the RNLI come in all shapes and sizes and for all sorts of reasons. And every one is greatly appreciated by the charity that saves lives at sea.

The volunteers of the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew received a cheque recently from Mrs Ann Rawlins living in Borough Green, Kent.

 She wrote:’ I had the dubious pleasure of reaching my 70th birthday recently, and, even more extraordinary, celebrating a golden wedding anniversary!

‘We asked for donations, in lieu of presents, for the RNLI, a much worthier cause than us ! Most of our friends have donated online, thus increasing the donation with gift aid.

‘I am sending the cheque to you as I met my husband, Bryan, when I was eight and he was 11. We were both members of the sailing club in Lyme Regis and he proposed to me at the end of the Cobb !’

Mr. and Mrs. Rawlins were married at Uplyme church and her parents retired to Lyme Regis. Her father, best known as ‘Spud’ Taylor, was commodore of the sailing club.



30 September 2018


Fish suppers on the menu for lifesavers at sea


Two evenings of fish suppers are being held in Lyme Regis in a tasty fundraising event in aid of the RNLI.

The first is on Friday October 12 from 6pm at the town’s sailing club. Fish and chips are on the menu at £10 per person with £5 of the cost going to the lifeboat charity.

Next evening, October 13,th there’s a varied menu at the lifeboat station prepared by Petrina Muscroft.

Dining is between 4pm and 8pm with a menu of fish chowder and bread, salmon and new potatoes, tuna chickpea and broccoli salad and vegetarian pasta.

Petrina said :”People will need to bring their own drinks and bookings in advance would be a great help.”

A minimum donation of £6 per person would be appreciated for the meal.

To book call 07967145035 or go to noake@talk21.com.


26 September 2018


Porsche Marathon


A couple who are driving their Porsche 911 to every one of the RNLI’s 238 lifeboat stations made Lyme Regis their 208th destination today (Weds).

Retired builder James Richardson and his interior designer wife Belinda started their marathon trip in London in August and are due to complete the clockwise journey around the whole of the British Isles and Ireland when they reach the Tower lifeboat station on the River Thames at the end of this month.

They are aiming to raise more than £56,000 for the RNLI charity which is £238 per lifeboat station.

James and Belinda met members of the volunteer Lyme Regis crew when they arrived in their brand new Porsche,

James said:” We decided to do our RNLI-911 Challenge in retirement because over the years we have been incredibly impressed by the RNLI’s dedication and selfless actions.It has been an incredible journey and we have met some amazing people.”

James and Belinda received a letter from the private secretary to the Duke of Kent, Nicholas Marden, in which he said  ‘In his fifty years as President of the RNLI the Duke of Kent has sought to visit every lifeboat station, but there are still a handful he has yet to get to. It looks as though you will beat him to it.’

Details of the Richardsons trip can be found at www.rnli-911challenge.co.uk.


18 September 2018


Lifeboat crew rescue man as dinghy capsizes


One man was rescued by the volunteer RNLI crew of Lyme Regis lifeboat when his vessel capsized on Sunday.

The lifeboat was launched at 4.30pm after a concerned onlooker alerted coastguards when he saw the dinghy capsize just outside the harbour.

Two members of the lifeboat crew entered the water to assist the man and right the dinghy.



7 September 2018


Lifeboat launched to ‘swimmer in trouble’


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched this morning (Mon) following reports of a swimmer in difficulty at West Bay.

The lifeboat crew had just left Lyme Regis harbour when coastguards stood them down after it became clear the swimmer was not in danger and the call was a false alarm with good intent.




15 September 2018


Lifeboat crew assist in search for missing man


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched today to assist coastguards ashore in the search for a man reported missing in the Spittles cliff area to the east of the town.

The man was spotted by the lifeboat crew and they assisted coastguards to successfully reach the man.

The lifeboat launched at 12noon and returned to the boathouse one hour later. 


15 September 2018                                                                            Lyme Regis


‘Exhausted’ yachtsmen  rescued by Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew


Two men reported to be exhausted aboard a yacht in storm force wind conditions were rescued by the volunteer RNLI crew of Lyme Regis lifeboat last night. (Friday).

The men, who were sailing from Salcombe to Portsmouth, were in difficulties five miles south west of West Bay.

A lifeboat crew member boarded the 24ft yacht and assisted the men to sail into West Bay harbour.

The lifeboat crew launched at 9.41pm and returned to Lyme Regis at 12.35a.m.



14 September 2018

Council boss joins Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew

 A former RAF officer who is now Operations Manager with Lyme Regis Town Council has joined the crew of the town’s RNLI lifeboat as a Deputy Launching Authority.

As a Flight Lieutenant, Matt Adamson – Drage,46,was an Aerospace Battle Manager with the RAF until retiring last year after 20 years service.

Matt, whose RAF role involved co-ordinating battle situations with other services, including the Royal Marines, said: “I am keen to learn about all aspects of sailing and hope to have my own boat, so it seemed a natural move to volunteer with the RNLI.”

Matt is married to Zishan, deputy town clerk of Axminster, and they have two children, Theo, 4, and Jacob, 7.  Matt’s position with Lyme Regis Town Council was previously held by another member of the lifeboat crew, Elliot Herbert.


10 September  2018

Lifeboat Week sets an all-time record with £34,000

Lifeboat Week in Lyme Regis this year has set an all-time record with a final total raised for the lifesaving charity of £34,765.

Members of the organising group, the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild, along with lifeboat crew members, heard the news from  treasurer Brian Cursley at their meeting last week.

He said: ”It’s a terrific result, and is £5,693 up on donations last year.”

Guild secretary Maggie Sullivan said new events this year had proved very popular and despite poor weather at the beginning – with just one or two events being re-scheduled – it had been an exceptionally successful week.

The meeting heard that the Army’s parachute display team, the Red Devils, had been extremely popular and general feedback from the public had been ’terrific.’

The top ten achievers in relation to donations and participation were the water or wine stall, the programme, fireworks display, breakfast baps, the duck race, Red Devils, the book stall, yard of ale, name the yellow welly dog and the swimming challenge.

Guild chairman Ken Lavery said:  “ The hard work and dedication of all our volunteers has produced a remarkable result  this year and the RNLI – the charity that saves lives at sea - will be proud of their efforts.

“The generosity of all those visitors and residents who donated to our charity must also be praised.

“But there was also sadness, and we pay tribute to Irene Roper, former chairman of the Guild, who died during this year’s Lifeboat Week.

“She worked tirelessly for our charity for several years and was passionate, in particular, about Lifeboat Week. We are delighted that Irene’s  sister, Maggie, is continuing as secretary of the guild because, as Maggie says, that is what Irene would have wished.” 


28 August 2018          

RNLI Lyme Regis lifeboat launched to missing swimmer near Burton Bradstock

Lyme Regis lifeboat launched on Saturday afternoon (25 August) to a report of a missing swimmer near Burton Bradstock.

The lifeboat crew were requested to assist  coastguards  searching for the swimmer . The volunteer crew launched at 12.35pm and began a searching along the coast from West Bay to Burton Bradstock. The report from  coastguards was that a man and woman had set off from Freshwater and were swimming to Burton Bradstock. However the woman did not arrive. She was found safe and well by  coastguards carrying out a shoreline search.

The lifeboat returned to station and was ready for further service by 2.00pm.


15 August 2018

Lifeboat launched to broken down yacht

The volunteer crew of Lyme Regis’ RNLI lifeboat to-night answered their 22nd call for help so far this year from two men aboard a 21 foot yacht with engine failure.

The crews’ pagers sounded the alarm at 7.25pm, and the lifeboat was quickly alongside the yacht a short distance east of the harbour.

The lifeboat crew towed the yacht to the safety of the pontoons just outside the harbour.




10 August 2018                                                                      

RNLI Lyme Regis lifeboat launched to man cut off by the tide


Lyme Regis lifeboat launched this afternoon to a man cut off by the tide.

The lifeboat crew were requested to assist the coastguard to rescue a man reported to have been cut off by the tide near Golden Cap.


The volunteer crew launched  at 2.45pm and were on scene 10 minutes later to begin a shoreline search. The crew searched from Golden Cap to Thorncombe Beacon. The crew discovered the casualty near St Gabriel’s Steps and one of the crew, Tim Edwards, swam ashore to assist. He walked the casualty to Charmouth where they met the Lyme Regis coastguard rescue team


Murray Saunders, helm of the lifeboat, said: ‘ The crew performed exceptionally and were able to assist the coastguard with recovering the casualty to safety’


The lifeboat returned to station and was ready for further service by 4.30pm. This was the 21st emergency call answered by the Lyme Regis lifeboat crew so far this year.




7 August 2018      

RNLI Lyme Regis lifeboat assists broken fishing boat 4 miles south of Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis lifeboat launched yesterday (Monday 6 August) to a report of a broken down small fishing vessel.
Lyme Regis lifeboat volunteer crew were tasked to assist the Coastguard with a stranded fishing vessel with two people aboard. The boat was reported to be 4 miles south of Lyme Regis.

The volunteer crew were quick to launch after being contacted by the Coastguard at 6.20pm to assist a fishing boat that had suffered power failure. The inshore lifeboat headed south from Lyme Regis to the position of the stricken vessel. The crew set up a tow and were soon back in Lyme Regis harbour where the casualty boat was recovered. The lifeboat was back in the station by 7.30pm.
Jon Broome, helm of the crew said: 'It was a quick and efficient recovery of the fishing boat and the crew worked well as a team to ensure the safety of the casualty.’



4 August 2018


Lifeboat Week ‘a resounding success’


A soggy start with rain and high winds turned into a sunny finale for Lifeboat Week in Lyme Regis.

And as the week came to an end yesterday (Friday) the organisers – the Lyme Regis and Charmouth  RNLI Guild – reported an early estimated total for donations in the region of £26,000.

The weather caused the postponement of the bathtub race and the swimming challenge but both were held later and cancellations were few.

Chairman of the RNLI Guild Ken Lavery, said: ’The week was a resounding success and a tribute to all the volunteers who gave up their time in the planning process and during the week itself.

‘Once again we have had tremendous support from the public  and we have received many positive comments.’

Among the many successes, drawing huge support were the Army’s Red Devils parachute display team, the popular wine or water raffle, the ‘name the welly dog’ competition and the tug ‘o war across the harbour mouth which was  started by Lord Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey who was aboard the harbourmaster’s launch with his wife Lady Emma.

A Madagascan tortoise stole the show at a packed Uplyme Village Hall presentation of snakes and exotic reptiles.

Six hundred hot dogs were sold by the lifeboat crew at their barbecue on the harbour slipway. And a local firefighter scored the first ever hole in one at the golf challenge on the harbour’s North Wall.

As the week came to a close with a spectacular fireworks display, one of the last events – the swimming challenge from Cobb Gate to the harbour – attracted a record entry of 100…..65 adults and 35 juniors.


29 July 2018


Fun runners defy wind and rain in Lifeboat Week


Fifty hardy competitors took part in the fun run on day two of Lyme Regis’ lifeboat week and defied the wind and rain that caused the postponement of other events.

Competitors ran a 2.3k course along the seafront.

It was a family success for Alexander Thiele, 55, and his son Thomas,8, holidaymakers from Newcastle. Alexander won the adult section of the race and Thomas was the first under nine year old. First over nine  was Jack Braddock, a holidaymaker from near Peterborough.



28 July 2018

Lifeboat Week first days hit by rain and high winds

Rain and high winds on the opening weekend of Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week caused the postponement of at least two major events.

Today (Saturday) the swimming challenges for adults and children were postponed because of high winds and choppy seas. They will now be held at 7pm and 7.30pm on Friday.

The bathtub race on Sunday was also postponed because of  poor weather in the forecast and will now be held at 6pm on Thursday.

The welcome display by Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was held today but without the Shannon class lifeboat from Exmouth. Her volunteer crew were called out this morning to assist a 25 foot yacht which had been dismasted. They towed it to safety in West Bay Harbour.

On the way back to Exmouth the lifeboat crew staged a demonstration of the vessels versatility for hundreds on Lyme Regis beach.

Ken Lavery, chairman of the Lifeboat Week organisers said: ”We were sorry to postpone some events, but, of course our paramount concern is the safety of everyone taking part. And the forecast for the rest of the week was good so postponement seemed the best plan.’

INFO:  Swim Challenge and Bath Tub Race postponed
With BIG apologies but due to the inclement weather we have had to postpone today's swimming challenge. The Swimming Challenge will now take place this coming Friday, 3rd August. Registration between 4pm and 6.30pm at the RNLI kiosk on Marine Parade, the adult swimming challenge starts at 7pm, and the children's swimming challenge at 7.30pm.

In addition, the Great Bath Tub Race scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 29th July will now move to this coming Thursday, 2nd August at 6pm, with registration at 5pm at Cobb Gate.

Fingers crossed for better weather for us going forward and thanks for your understanding.


25 July 2018


Lifeboat launched to two incidents


Volunteers at the RNLI lifeboat station in Lyme Regis dealt with two incidents today (Weds).

The lifeboat was launched at 2.36pm after reports that two people were possibly in difficulties on an inflatable and in a kayak 400metres off Freshwater east of Lyme Regis.

The lifeboat crew established that a man and a woman who were both still at sea were safe and not in trouble.

As the lifeboat crew were returning to Lyme Regis harbour they were asked to assist a couple aboard a 42 foot yacht. A mooring chain had wrapped around the rudder. The crew released the chain and then towed the yacht to a safe mooring.

The Lyme Regis RNLI volunteers have now answered 17 calls for help so far this year.



23 July 2018                                                              


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat false alarm


Lyme Regis lifeboat launched yesterday evening (Sunday 22 July) to a report of an overturned boat.

Lyme Regis lifeboat volunteer crew responded to a call from the Coastguard to a report of an overturned boat 300m off shore from Monmouth Beach.


The volunteer crew were contacted by the Coastguard at 8.30pm to assist a reported capsized boat, 10 minutes later the crew had arrived on scene to find the boat was the correct way up and the owner of the boat was fine!


The call came from a member of the public who thought that the boat has capsized.

If you see someone in trouble at the coast, call 999 and ask for the coastguard





23 July 2018



Holiday cottage weekend is new lifeboat week prize


A weekend stay in a holiday cottage in Lyme Regis is a new star prize donated for the town’s lifeboat week which starts on Saturday.

The cottage sleeps six, and tickets at £5 to win the prize will be available at the lifeboat week kiosk on Marine Parade or at the wine or water stall outside the RNLI shop on the Cobb.

The weekend can be between October and May and the prizewinner will arrange dates with the owner.

Chairman of the lifeboat week organisers, Ken Lavery, said:’ The RNLI Guild is grateful for this very generous offer. It is a very special prize.’

The draw for the prize will take place on August 3rd.



23 July 2018

RNLI to stage lifejacket ‘clinic’ in lifeboat week


A lifejacket ‘clinic’ aimed at ensuring that the safety aid is in perfect condition to save lives is to be held by the RNLI during Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week.

The clinic is being organised by Mike McAlpine, volunteer Community Lifesaving Officer with the RNLI in Lyme Regis. It will be based at a lifesaving gazebo on the slipway by the entrance to the  RNLI boathouse on Tuesday July 31st.

Mike McAlpine said:’ The tragedy in Missouri recently where eleven people drowned reminds us of the importance of lifejackets.

‘Unfortunately, many people do not check the condition of their lifejackets from one season to another, and in many cases the inflation device fitted may not work when it is needed.

‘The message is is to have your lifejacket examined by a qualified professional every year and conduct your own checks on a regular basis.’

Among the tips for lifejacket users is to inflate the aid manually with a hand pump every six months and to leave it inflated for 24 hours to ensure there are no leaks or damage.

Lifejacket owners are urged to visit the slipway gazebo on July 31st where RNLI experts will demonstrate how to ensure a lifejacket is in a serviceable condition to save a life.





11 July 2018

Father and son all at sea with the lifeboat

A 35 year old paramedic last night qualified as the latest volunteer to become a member of the sea-going crew of Lyme Regis lifeboat.

And on the same day his 17 year old son joined the crew and went to sea in the RNLI lifeboat for the first time.

Mark Ellis, from Uplyme, has been a crew member for two years and has now passed the final part of  his sea-going training.

His son Sam was 17 last month, the youngest age at which a new member can join.  Sam, a 6th form student at Axe Valley Academy, said after his first training session afloat:’ I just loved it !’

Dad Mark, a paramedic with South West Ambulance, added: ‘ I am delighted and relieved to have got through training and very pleased for Sam who has been nagging me to join the crew at the first opportunity when he became 17. And that was only last month! 



10th July 2018                                                            

Colyton Vintage Tractor run presentation

The volunteer crew of Lyme Regis lifeboat were involved with the Colyton Vintage Tractor run earlier this year. Nearly 120 vintage tractors made their way from Colyton to Uplyme via Whitford, Musbury, Combpyne, Cannington viaduct and Lyme Regis


The Colyton Tractor run is an annual event and this year the monies raised was split between the RNLI and The League of Friends Axminster Hospital.

Crew from Lyme Regis were in Uplyme to welcome the participants and drivers on a very hot May bank holiday.


Pictured Colyton Vintage Tractor run committee Arthur Parsons, organiser of the Tractor run presenting a donation of £1750 to Seb Cope from Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat station and Kevin Salter presenting a donation of £1750 to Dr Barry McKenna from the League of Friends.




3 July 2018



Downton Abbey creator to visit Lyme Regis RNLI Lifeboat Week


Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is to make a guest appearance during the Royal National Lifeboat Institution Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week.  Lord Fellowes of West Stafford, who lives in Dorset and was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Dorset in 2009, will be visiting the town on the fourth day of Lifeboat Week, Tuesday July 31st.

 Lord Fellowes visit to Lifeboat Week will include meeting the  volunteer crew at the lifeboat station and  fundraisers running many of the events on the day.

 Lord Fellowes said: ‘I know the volunteers put a great deal of effort into raising funds for the RNLI charity and I am looking forward to my visit.’

Lifeboat Week, which is organised by the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild and the lifeboat crew, raises an average of £30,000 each year.



30 June 2018


Couple rescued by Lyme Regis lifeboat crew after speedboat is swamped by waves


Plans for a barbecue and a night camping on the beach went disastrously wrong last night  for a young couple.

A man and his girlfriend in their 30s,  from Colyton, were trying to beach their 14ft speedboat when it was swamped by waves and holed on rocks at Charton Bay, west of  Lyme Regis.

They were rescued by the volunteer crew of the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat after the man raised the alarm with his mobile phone. The lifeboat crew were paged to launch at about 1030pm

The speedboat’s skipper, who did not want to be named, said:’ We both tried for about two hours to get the water out of the boat, but in the end it was a write-off and I had to call for the lifeboat.

“We had set up the barbecue, but I am afraid we never got anything to eat. We were very relieved to see the lifeboat crew who did a great job.’

The couple were taken to safety from the beach by the lifeboat crew who also pumped out the speedboat and towed it into Lyme Regis harbour at 1145pm


29 June 2018


Tom follows dad at the helm of Lyme Regis lifeboat



A 26 year old electrician yesterday (Thurs) achieved his ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a volunteer helm commanding the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat.

Father of two Tom Crabbe, from Uplyme, passed the final test to become a helm during a day of theory and ninety minutes at sea under the close scrutiny of an RNLI assessor/trainer.

Tom was examined by Carl Beardmore, a coxswain with the RNLI at Falmouth. At the end of the day’s tests he said: ’Tom satisfied me that he is very safe, knowledgeable, and will make an excellent helm for the Lyme Regis lifeboat station.’

Tom, a crew member for six years, is now the seventh helm at the Lyme Regis station, one of the most important and responsible roles.

As helm he commands the lifeboat and is responsible for the welfare and safety of other crew members and the vessel itself.

Said Tom:’ I am absolutely delighted to have made the grade as a helm, and proud to follow my dad.’ Tom’s father Rob, retired from the lifeboat crew after 20 years’ service and was also a helm.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks said:’I congratulate Tom. His operational pass-out as a helm is testament to his dedication as one of our much-valued volunteers.’



25 June 2018


Lyme Regis RNLI crew assist coastguards at powerboat incident

The volunteer crew of  the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat were  yesterday called to assist following reports of a powerboat incident at West Bay.

The incident occurred during  an offshore circuit powerboat racing event.  The lifeboat crew were alerted at 2.30pm and arrived 15 minutes later at West Bay harbour to assist coastguards, the Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulance and the police.



18 June 2018

RNLI thanks supporters as lifeguard tower arrives

The RNLI has thanked supporters who backed its request to install a new, modernised  look-out tower on Lyme Regis beach this summer.

The tower arrived this week ready for the lifeguards who will be operating from July 7 until September.

Nigel Jones, the RNLI’s Area Lifesaving Manager for Torbay to Weymouth, said: ’The RNLI would like to  express its sincerest gratitude for all the local support for the establishment of a new lifeguard tower in Lyme Regis.

‘The new, temporary tower replaces the old unit which was at the end of its operational life and provides significant improvements for the delivery of the lifeguard service in Lyme Regis, including vastly improved visibility.  The lifeguards can now see over a very crowded beach to the water and beyond to the harbour wall which is a popular location for youngsters jumping into the sea.

‘It is also a more conspicuous facility which provides an extremely useful first aid and information service and a focal point for lost children, plus better more modern welfare facilities for the lifeguards.

‘Now that it is installed we are pleased how smart and professional it looks and our lifeguards are extremely excited about conducting their duties from it.’

The tower will be removed at the end of the season in September.


10 June 2018                                                             


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat rescues eight divers


Lyme Regis lifeboat launched yesterday morning to a report of a broken down 6 metre dive boat.

Lyme Regis lifeboat volunteer crew were tasked to assist the Coastguard with a stranded diving vessel with eight people aboard.


The volunteer crew were contacted by the Coastguard at 11.45am to assist a dive boat that had suffered power failure. The Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat headed south from Lyme Regis for approximately 3 miles to the position of the stricken vessel. The crew set up a tow and returned the boat with the divers to the safety of Lyme Regis harbour.


Peter Glanvill, Chairman from The Lyme Bay Sub Aqua Club said “We enjoyed a fantastic dive photographing the marine life on the wreck ‘Heroine’ with club members and some divers visiting from Leicester but it was a tad embarrassing when the engine would not start! We are extremely grateful to the RNLI for arriving so promptly and towing us back to Lyme.”


Lifeboat helm Tom Wallis said: 'The crew were very proficient which enabled a quick recovery for the divers and their boat”



7 June 2018

Mystery of the yellow welly dog’s missing eyes


Someone, it seems, has taken a shine to the eyes of the yellow welly dog that has become a major attraction outside the RNLI lifeboat shop in Lyme Regis.

Shop manager Krys Lavery discovered both eyes were missing and called in the dog’s creator lifeboat crew member Garry Gibbs.

Garry performed complicated ‘surgery’ and the dog is now back on duty…on loan to the RNLI stand  at the Royal Cornwall Show where he is advising dog owners how to keep safe during cliff top  walkies.

Garry said: ’The eyes were not valuable, just glass beads from one of my wife’s old necklaces.’

With the help of Krys Lavery, Garry chose a pair of silver ‘spangly’ beads from another necklace and restored the dog’s appearance.

Now Garry needs just two more pairs of worn – out RNLI wellies to start work on a friend for his original creation.

The yellow welly dog will be the subject of a naming competition during Lifeboat Week in Lyme Regis, starting on July 28.



3 June 2018

Lifeboat in search for ‘missing man’

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched this evening (June 3) to assist police and coastguards in a search for an elderly man reported missing.

The volunteer lifeboat crew launched at 6.20pm  and carried out a widespread shoreline search stretching from Golden Cap in the east to Monmouth beach in the west.

Coastguards stood down the lifeboat crew after almost two hours when nothing had been found.

This was the 12th emergency call answered by the volunteer Lyme Regis RNLI crew so far this year.



8 May 2018


Lifeboat in search for ‘missing man’

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew were alerted last night (May 8) following reports of a man missing in the West Bay area.

The lifeboat was launched at 8-15pm, but after carrying out a shoreline search for ninety minutes nothing was found and coastguards stood the crew down.



8 May 2018


Lyme Regis RNLI Lifeboat launched in search for missing person

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched at 2.15am this morning (8th May) to assist in the search for a person reported missing in the Golden Cap/West Bay area.

The volunteer lifeboat crew conducted a shoreline search from West Bay to Golden Cap. The lifeboat crew were working together with the local coastguard and police teams. No evidence of the original missing person was found, and coastguards stood the lifeboat crew down at 3.30am

Remember if you see or hear someone in distress in the water, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.



7 May 2018


The annual blessing of the boats service on the Cobb in Lyme Regis yesterday  was just one of many events to benefit from the glorious Bank Holiday weather.

An estimated 200 people joined in the open air service led by the vicar of Lyme Regis, the Rev. Jane Skinner, and hosted by the RNLI at the lifeboat station.

The volunteer lifeboat crew, the British Legion, coastguards, the sailing,  powerboat and gig clubs were all represented.

Lyme Regis Town Band and the Harbour Voices choir took part in the service and Sophie Vernon, whose parents are members of the gig club, read her poem called Salt.

The service concluded with wreaths being taken to be laid at sea by the lifeboat crew.



1 May 2018

Lyme Regis RNLI start the  Yellow Welly Mayday Relay


Lyme Regis RNLI volunteers had the honour of starting the 31 day Mayday Yellow Welly Relay today.

 At 4pm  the welly set off by car from the harbour with Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks, his wife, Anne ,and Deputy Launching Authority Ian Marshall and his wife Anne-Marie, on the first leg of the relay to meet members of the West Bay branch of the  RNLI.  Next the welly was driven to Weymouth lifeboat station to be handed over to volunteers there for the second leg.

 RNLI volunteers around the South and South East coast are planning their route for the iconic Yellow Welly, which will end its journey on 31st May on the Thames in Teddington raising money and awareness for the charity that saves lives at sea.

 The RNLI’s Mayday event began today (Tuesday 1 May) and will run for the whole month, with fundraising taking place across the whole of the UK and Ireland. This year, the RNLI hopes to raise £750,000 through Mayday, which will be used to fund essential kit for the charity’s brave volunteer lifeboat crews.

 Nick Marks, volunteer lifeboat operations manager at Lyme Regis,   said: ‘RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews around the UK and Ireland are willing to drop everything to go and save lives at sea when they get the call. Their specialist kit protects them against extreme conditions, gives them a firm footing on unsteady surfaces, and shields them from injury, allowing them to carry out their lifesaving work. The Mayday campaign is our own call for help, as we rely on the generosity of the public to fund this vital kit that helps keep the crews safe when they risk their lives for others.’


Money raised through Mayday fundraising events will help RNLI lifeboat crews to face the harshest conditions at sea with the best kit possible. It currently costs £1,598 to provide one all-weather lifeboat crew member with all of the kit they need when responding to the call for help.

This year, the RNLI is going yellow for Mayday – just like volunteer crews do every day to save lives at sea. Anyone who wishes to get involved can visit RNLI.org/mayday to register for a free Mayday fundraising pack. The pack provides a host of fundraising ideas, such as encouraging friends and colleagues to get sponsored to run, walk or cycle, cooking up some yellow-themed bakes to sell or even getting together to lift the weight of a 42 tonne Severn class lifeboat!

The charity is also encouraging people to show support on their social media, joining the conversation using the hashtag #MaydayEveryDay, or by donating online or buying a yellow crew member pin badge.

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Its 4,700 volunteer lifeboat crew members provide a 24-hour search and rescue service around the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland coasts.   

In 2017, RNLI lifeboat crews across the UK and Ireland launched 8,436 times, assisting 8,072 people.


29 April 2018


Penny farthing pair cycle for charity


Penny farthing enthusiasts and football fans Seb Cope and his father Alistair cycled from Derby County’s ground to Aston Villa at the weekend for a charity close to their hearts.

Seb, 35, a member of the RNLI lifeboat crew in Lyme Regis, and Alistair, 59, from Seaton, raised more than £200 for the Aston Villa Foundation community charity during their 50-mile cycle ride.

Seb, whose great, great grandfather was born just yards from Villa Park, said:”We cycled on roads, paths and canal towpaths and had a greet reception from people along the way, and especially football fans.”

On the way to Aston Villa the pair stopped at the National Arboretum where Seb paid his respects at the RNLI memorial.

At the end of their journey they watched Aston Villa draw 1-1 with Derby County.

Seb and Alistair regularly organise vintage cycle events, and the next one, Velo Vintage, is at Seaton on June 30. For details go to www.velovintage.co.uk



29 April 2018


Chairman Mark to lead lifeboat management team


A former treasurer and shore crew member with the RNLI in Lyme Regis has returned as chairman of the Lifeboat Management Group.

Mark Houghton, 57, has just begun a four year stint to co-ordinate the activities of the lifeboat operational team, the fund-raising guild and the RNLI’s beach lifeguards.

Mark, who lives near Bridport and  takes over from John Dover, who performed the role for 18 months, said:” Another important part of my activities will be as a point of contact for other local organisations or individuals regarding all aspects of the RNLI in the area.

“This could involve discussing co-operation with other local services, local authorities, or individuals who want to volunteer with the RNLI or simply have concerns to raise.”



25 April 2018


Blessing of the boats service – all welcome


The annual blessing of the boats service will be held this year on May 6 at the RNLI lifeboat station on the Cobb in Lyme Regis.

Starting at 3pm the inter denominational service will be led by the Vicar of St. Michael’s Church, the Rev. Jane Skinner.

The town band and the Harbour Voices shanty singers will feature in the open air service to which all are welcome.

Members of the volunteer lifeboat crew, the coastguards, the gig club, sailing club and powerboat club will all be represented.

The service will conclude with wreaths, including one from the Royal British Legion, being taken out to sea by the lifeboat crew.


12 April 2018

Volunteers hit the jackpot for RNLI’s life-saving charity

Volunteers in Lyme Regis and Charmouth raised nearly £64,000 for the RNLI during the past year.

The figure was announced last night (Weds) at the annual meeting of  the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild – the local fund raising branch of the charity – by treasurer Brian Cursley,who said it had been ‘an excellent year.’

Another financial success was  the lifeboat shop on the Cobb. Volunteer manager, Krys Lavery said her second year in charge had ended in a turnover of £126,000 and the shop was seventh in the league table of RNLI outlets.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks reported on 22 ‘shouts’ during last year and said the crew had already answered eight calls for help in 2018.

He said a major refurbishment of the boathouse was now almost complete, and the lifeboat has returned to the station after a month in an industrial tent while the work was carried out.

Guest speaker  Elliott Herbert, a member of the crew and also Senior Assessor Trainer (lifeboats) England for the RNLI outlined the importance of training for the volunteer crews.

Mr Herbert leads a team of 11 responsible for training at 114 lifeboat stations.

The meeting ended with praise for the outgoing chairman of the guild, Irene Roper, who received the RNLI’s award for excellence in volunteering.

Irene was said to have led the guild in raising some £166,000 during her nine years, five of them as chairman.

New chairman Ken Lavery praised her ‘hard work, commitment and sheer doggedness’ as Irene sliced a celebration ‘thank you’ cake.




25 March 2018                                                                       



RNLI Lyme Regis lifeboat assists broken fishing boat 30 miles south-west of Portland


Lyme Regis lifeboat launched this morning (Sunday 25 March) during a training session to a report of a 6 metre broken fishing vessel.

Lyme Regis lifeboat volunteer crew were tasked to assist the Coastguard with a stranded fishing vessel with two people aboard. The boat was reported to be 30 miles south-west from Portland.

 The volunteer crew were on a routine training session when contacted by the Coastguard at 9.50am to assist a fishing boat that had suffered power failure. The Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat headed south from Lyme Regis for approximately 18 miles to the position of the stricken vessel. The crew set up a tow and 2 hours later were back by West Bay where the helm of the lifeboat Jon Broome had to carefully negotiate manoeuvring around the dredging machine currently in the harbour.

 Dave from North Devon, one of the rescued men said: ‘We were so relieved to see the lifeboat heading towards us and we are very grateful for our safe recovery.’

 Jon Broome, helm of the crew said: 'It was a great opportunity to put the training into action and the crew worked well as a team to recover the boat and men safely.’




8 March 2018

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat moves into a tent 

The RNLI’s inshore lifeboat based in Lyme Regis moved into her new temporary ‘home’ last night (Weds)…a huge industrial tent on a car park.

The boat, Spirit of Loch Fyne, the  tractor used for launching and other equipment will be housed in the tent, east of the bowling green, for a month while work to repair the floor of the boathouse on the Cobb is carried out.

Volunteer crew members were briefed on arrangements, including safety measures for the move, and also carried out a dry run for launching which will mean the tractor with the boat on its carriage being transported a short distance along a public road to the harbour.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks said: ’The crew had a detailed briefing on how to manage the next month, including closing the short stretch of road when the boat is being moved for launching.

‘We apologise in advance for any inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists and we will keep any restrictions to a minimum.

‘One of our main considerations is the safety of everyone when we need to use public areas.’


27 February 2018                                                                  

RNLI Lyme Regis lifeboat launched to couple cut off by the tide

Lyme Regis lifeboat launched this afternoon to two people cut off by the tide.
Lyme Regis lifeboat was requested to launch to assist the Coastguard with two people that were reported to have been cut off by the tide near Black Venn, between Lyme Regis and Charmouth.

The volunteers launched the lifeboat at 4.45pm and were on scene in 10 minutes later and assisted the Coastguard to ensure the safety of the people.

Murray Saunders, helm of the crew said: 'We were glad to assist the Coastguard with this rescue and thankfully the people made it to safety. If in doubt, leaflets are available from the Tourist Information Centre and RNLI lifeboat shop explaining the risks of the changing tides.



February  2018

RNLI Lyme Regis lifeboat moves ‘home’ for station repairs

The RNLI’s Lyme Regis-based lifeboat is moving ‘home’ for a month during March.

The 8.5m Spirit of Loch Fyne will be housed in an industrial tent on a car park from March 7 while the lifeboat station’s boathouse floor is re-laid.

The move also includes the tractor used to launch the inshore lifeboat as well as other boathouse equipment.

During exercises, or launches to an emergency at sea, a short stretch of road from the car park east of the bowling green to Cobb Square will be closed for a few minutes.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks explained:’ The closure of the boathouse is necessary because parts of the floor are breaking up after years of wear.’

The lifeboat will be launched from the harbour’s public slipway while the RNLI’s facility is used by contractors carrying out the repair work.

Mr Marks added:’ Crew members will carry out safety measures while the boat is moved on the public road to the harbour.

‘The operation includes Easter weekend, and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused when we need to launch the lifeboat.’  

24 February 2018
The Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched twice again this afternoon, Sat 24th February, to search the West Bay area. Nothing was found. In total the crew were at sea for about four hours this afternoon

24 February 2018
Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat launched twice in night

After returning to the lifeboat station at 11.45pm last night (Friday 23rd), the volunteer crew launched again at 02.15 this morning to continue the search for the reported missing man.

Senior helm Tim Edwards, in the operations room at the lifeboat station, said: ‘After a report from the police helicopter we were asked to carry out a search about 300metres off the West Bay piers, but found nothing.

‘Our four crew members then waited in the West Bay coastguard station for the arrival of the coastguard helicopter. We then resumed the search at about 5am, but it was called off around an hour later.’


24 February 2018

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat launched in search for ‘missing man’

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched last night (Fri 23rd) to assist following reports of a man missing in the West Bay area.

Solent coastguards requested the lifeboat crew to carry out a shoreline search in the West Bay, Eype, Freshwater and Seatown areas.

The lifeboat was launched at 9.26pm. Nothing was found and the volunteer lifeboat crew were stood down after searching in bitterly cold conditions for two hours. The lifeboat crew returned to Lyme Regis harbour at 11.45pm


8 February 2018


Lifeboat Week 2018 is coming! 
Members of  the committee of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild have already drawn up a provisional programme for the week which this year runs from July 28th to August 3rd.

And already confirmed for a return visit are the Red Devils, the British Army’s official parachute display team. They will be ‘dropping in’ during the afternoon of August 2nd.

The Guild – the local fundraising branch of the RNLI charity – is holding its annual meeting on April 11th  at 7.30pm at Lyme Regis lifeboat station. Guest speaker is long-serving lifeboat crew member Elliott Herbert who is also a full time Senior Assessor Trainer with the RNLI. New members of the Guild are welcome to attend the meeting.

RNLI Flag Day this year is on June 2nd when volunteer collectors will be on duty in Lyme Regis and Charmouth



31 January 2018

Georgia joins the volunteers of Lyme Regis RNLI

A 23 year old general manager has become only the fourth woman ever to join the volunteer crew of the RNLI lifeboat  in Lyme Regis.

Lyme-born Georgia Robson has enrolled as shore crew and is now attending regular training sessions at the lifeboat station on the Cobb.

Georgia, a former Woodroffe School pupil, aims eventually to become a sea-going crew member. She enjoys regular trips with her ex-Royal Marine father Jim, in his four metre RiB (rigid inflatable boat).

Georgia applied to join after meeting members of the crew at last year’s Remembrance Day parade.

“I have always enjoyed the sea, and after talking to crew members it just seemed  natural to apply to join them. I am thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie during training sessions.”

Georgia is general manager with Tukxi Ltd, an Axminster firm which imports and converts Tuk Tuk auto rickshaws.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks, said: ‘Georgia follows Grace and Shona and now joins Nikky and we are delighted to welcome her aboard.’



How Garry turned old wellies into a fun fund raiser

What to do with the Lyme Regis lifeboat crews' worn out yellow wellies was the puzzle for long serving RNLI volunteer Garry Gibbs. Landscape gardener Garry took the redundant footwear home to his workshop.

And 8 hours and 7 boots later the result was a dog-shaped model which will become a star attraction during lifeboat week this summer.

Garry, a member of the lifeboat crew for 22 years, said " A dog seemed the obvious answer to the recycling issue with the old wellies. I hope to make another animal when more old wellies become available.”  Now, organisers of Lyme Regis lifeboat week - starting on July 28 - are planning to run a competition to name this very rare breed and to raise funds for the RNLI charity.



13 January 2018


Lifeboat launched to ‘two cut off by tide’


Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched today following a report that two people were thought to be cut off by the tide between Lyme Regis and Charmouth.

The alarm was raised by National Coastwatch volunteer Howard Lyne on duty at the Charmouth look-out station.

The lifeboat was at sea within seven minutes of the coastguard request to launch at 2.40pm.

After a comprehensive shoreline search by the lifeboat crew nothing was found and coastguards called off the operation.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks said ;’It seems the two people made their own way to safety but this shout demonstrated how well the Coastwatch volunteers, the coastguards and ourselves can work together. And it is always better to be safe than sorry.’



2 January 2018

Lifeboat launched to ‘three cut off by tide’

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat was launched yesterday (New Year’s Day) when coastguards were alerted that possibly up to three people had been cut off by the tide on the beach between Lyme Regis and Charmouth.
The volunteer crews’ pagers sounded the alarm at 4.20pm and the lifeboat crew were quickly on the scene east of the harbour. It was soon established that one man was involved and was able to leave the beach, making his own way to safety.  He  was then met by coastguards ashore and the lifeboat crew were stood down. 



10 December 2017


Lifeboat crew tributes at Christmas party


An award for 30 years’ voluntary service, tongue-in-cheek tributes and a Christmas dinner all contributed to the success of the Lyme Regis lifeboat crew’s annual presentation party last night (Saturday).

Some 50 people – RNLI crew members, their friends and family – attended the event at the Harbour Inn.

Among the awards were the White Star Line award to helm Mark Colley, the Watch Your Language award to John Bird and the Bent Propeller trophy to Brian Street.

Consultant surgeon Ken Lavery, who is a Deputy Launching Authority, received a photograph of himself on the ground – not needing hospital treatment ! –after failing to clear a fence during  a crew visit to an Exeter Chiefs rugby match.

Most popular award of the night, receiving a standing ovation, was to  postman Andrew Rice who has just completed 30 years as a volunteer member of the lifeboat crew

1 December 2017


School visits to lifeboat station are a hit with youngsters


The RNLI’s lifeboat station in Lyme Regis is becoming a regular favourite for organised  visits, particularly by school parties from a wide area.

The latest visitors (yesterday, Thurs)  were 44 nine to ten year olds from Wheatley primary school in Oxford.

The youngsters visited the station during their stay at Hooke Court, the residential field study centre near Beaminster.

They heard a talk by volunteer Deputy Launching Authority Ian Marshall who told them about the way the RNLI works and discussed beach and water safety. He also gave them a guided tour of the lifeboat station and the lifeboat itself.

Mr Marshall said: ”We are always pleased to welcome school parties. It is a great opportunity to stress safety issues for the youngsters when they are enjoying themselves in or near the sea. It also gives them the chance to ask me some tricky questions !”

A party visit can be organised by leaving a message for Mr. Marshall on the lifeboat station telephone number 01297  442230.



5 November 2017


Gig club in safety exercise with RNLI crew


The first of a series of exercises involving Lyme Regis’ successful gig club and the town’s RNLI lifeboat crew was held today (Sunday).

Gig club coach Chris Waller, who is leading a safety management team for the rowers, said:”Our aim is to manage a better culture of safety for gig clubs.

“We have a comprehensive plan and we will be making safety recommendations, based on our exercises with the RNLI, to the Cornish Pilot Gig Association.”

Today’s exercise with a gig crew of seven and their 32 foot vessel, Prospero, involved the lifeboat going alongside the gig and a session to practise towing.

Future exercises are expected to involve scenarios including capsize, man overboard, swamping, and casualty recovery.

The Lyme Regis Gig Club now has 180 members.





15 October 2017


Tasty result as fish suppers raise £450 for RNLI

Two fish suppers in Lyme Regis over the weekend raised a total of £454 for the RNLI’s life-saving charity.

One was held at the town’s sailing club where at least 54 fish and chip meals were served on Friday evening, and the other, on Saturday, invited diners to a chalet above the bowling green where hostess Petrina Muscroft served fish curry and rice, salmon salad or vegetarian pasta.

Diners made a donation for their meals and Petrina, Herbies, Baboo Gelato and the sailing club presented their profits to the crew at the lifeboat station today (Sunday).




5 October 2017



Wanted – volunteer lifesavers to join RNLI crew


Volunteers who run the RNLI lifeboat station in Lyme Regis are appealing for new recruits to bring the crew up to full strength.

Two Deputy Launching Authorities – DLAs – and three shore crew members are being sought.

The DLAs are members of the management team and are the first point of call for coastguards when they make a request for the lifeboat to be launched.

They then take charge of the operation in the boathouse during any emergency.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks said: ”The DLAs tend to be senior members of the team operating on a duty rota, and shore crew should be aged between 18 and 40 with good fitness levels and living and working in Lyme Regis or close by. Training can take up to two years for those who want to be sea-going crew members.

“Everyone is a volunteer and training and other events can account for around 12 hours a month.

“Full training is given to all new recruits, and there is a genuine team spirit and plenty of social activities in addition to the serious business of saving lives at sea.”

Anyone interested in joining the crew should call 01297 442230 and leave a message or come along to the next training session at the lifeboat station at the harbour from 9a.m. on Sunday October 15th.




27th September 2017                                                             


Lyme Regis lifeboat rescues 5 teenagers


Lyme Regis lifeboat launched in early hours to rescue 5 teenagers from stricken yacht.

Lyme Regis lifeboat was requested to launch to assist a 35' sailing yacht that had broken free from its mooring off Lyme harbour at 2.45am this morning (Wed). The sailing boat had drifted towards the shore and ran aground on the beach near Lucy's Ledge in Lyme Regis. There were seven people on board including five teenagers. 

The lifeboat launched and was alongside the casualty vessel 15 minutes after the Coastguard requested the launch. The five teenagers were rescued off the casualty boat and taken to the lifeboat station, all were safe and well with no injuries.

The volunteer crew of the lifeboat then returned to the casualty vessel and managed to tow the boat away from the beach back to a mooring.

The boat was a Tradewind 35 sailing yacht called TS Vigilant, part of the Sea Cadets fleet. The boat and crew were on route from Plymouth to Poole, stopping at Lyme Regis for the night. The five Sea Cadets were from the London and Birmingham areas.

Helm Tim Edwards said "I was pleased we were able to get the teenagers to safety of the lifeboat station and then recover the casualty vessel from trouble. The lifeboat crew performed really well and the all the training we do was put to good use!"


18th September 2017                                                             

Lifeboat crew awards for volunteer service

Members of the RNLI crew in Lyme Regis and their families and friends got together at the town’s Powerboat Club (last Saturday) for the traditional end of season party and for presentations to former volunteers.


Ritchie Durrant received an award for seven years  service as a member of the crew. He is the nephew of former crew member Dave Street and current helm Brian Street  Ritchie completed part of his Duke of Edinburgh's award with the lifeboat at the age of 14 before signing up as volunteer crew at 17.. He said: “It is the best thing I have ever done and I miss it tremendously. You learn so much from the other members of the crew and there is something about the respect you gain for the sea”


Local builder Dave Street received his award for 24 years  service, 14 of which were as helm. During his service with Lyme Regis RNLI the lifeboat rescued 74 people..


Outgoing Lifeboat Management Group Chairman John Dover received an award for nearly nine years service, first as lifeboat treasurer, then Deputy Launching Authority and finally chairman of the LMG. A letter from the RNLI’s Operations Director George Rawlinson, referred to Mr Dover’s ‘time, commitment and sheer hard work.’




7 September 2017


Lifeboat Week raises £30,000 for life-saving charity


Lifeboat week in Lyme Regis this year raised £30,000 for the RNLI charity, the organisers have announced.

Treasurer Brian Cursley revealed the figure at last night’s (Weds) meeting of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild.

It was the first meeting of the organising committee since the week’s events, and Mr.Cursley said:”The total raised simply underlines a very successful week.”

The top five donation-earning events were the water or wine stall, the glossy programme of the week’s events, the lucky dip, breakfast baps,  and the duck race.

Guild chairman Irene Roper said:”It’s an astonishing result to raise £30,000 this year despite the rain.

“Once again, it demonstrates the generosity of visitors and residents alike, local traders and, of course, the hard work of all our volunteers.

“Our local media also played an important role in publicising the week extensively.

“The money raised is a significant  contribution to the life-saving work of our RNLI volunteers.”




25 July 2017


Family of four and dog rescued as yacht sinks


A family of four and their labrador dog were rescued this evening (Tuesday) by the volunteer crew of Lyme Regis lifeboat after their yacht was swamped by waves and sank at Charton Bay, west of Lyme.

The yacht was being sailed from Lyme Regis  by Joe Coles,56,from East Coker, Yeovil. Also on board were his wife Tania, sons Theo,9, Hector,19, and their 14 month old Labrador Suki.

Mr Coles said: ”We had been having a picnic and were close to shore.  Suki would not get on the boat. We got out of the boat to get the dog and two big waves hit the yacht and pretty much sank it.

“We were all safely ashore but wet and cold, and very pleased when we saw the lifeboat. The whole thing was Suki’s fault, really.”

The family had left Lyme in the 18 foot vessel, called Llewellyn, just as the Red Devils were giving their display as part of Lifeboat Week.

The  lifeboat crew brought the family back to the safety of Lyme Regis. Later it was decided it was too unsafe to tow the stricken yacht back to Lyme Regis. The lifeboat crew secured the yacht by anchor a quarter of a mile off Pinhay Bay. This was the 13th shout for the Lyme Regis crew so far this year.

The lifeboat had launched from the slipway at 6.50p.m.just as the Lifeboat Week charity auction was under way in the boathouse.

But later the water polo match between the lifeboat crew and the lifeguards was affected by a shortage of players. A depleted lifeboat crew team lost by a large margin, according to players.





July  2017


Survivors will be guests at RNLI Lyme Regis lifeboat book launch

A couple who were rescued after their helicopter plunged into Lyme Bay and a woman in her seventies seriously injured on  rocks near Charmouth will return to Lyme Regis for the launch of a book which includes their remarkable stories.

Also among guests at the launch at the town’s lifeboat station will be the parents of a severely disabled young woman who died when her wheelchair fell into the harbour.

The book is part of a history project by the RNLI charity and tells the story of almost 160  years of a lifeboat service in Lyme Regis.

Author Richard Horobin, the lifeboat station’s volunteer press officer, said: “We are delighted that some people featured in the book will be coming back to meet their rescuers again, including lifeboat crew, coastguards and fishermen.”

Philip and Lisa Burgess were rescued after the helicopter Philip was flying crashed in dense fog on Easter Monday 1999. Lisa was pregnant at the time, although her rescuers did not know, and her daughter Charley-Nicole will be paying her first visit to Lyme Regis.

Mariola  Constandinou, from the Midlands,  was 71 when she slipped on rocks and was seriously injured near Charmouth in May two years ago and is looking forward to meeting her rescuers again. Mark and Paula Perkins, whose daughter Claire died when her electric wheelchair fell into the harbour will once again be visiting Lyme Regis to help with Lifeboat Week events and will also be at the book launch.

Also at the book launch will be John Bradley, the great great grandson of Thomas Bradley a coxswain of  the pulling and sailing lifeboats for 30 years, who joined the crew in 1851.

Dorset-based actress, impressionist and comedian Debra Stephenson will be opening Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week at 12.30pm on July 22nd and will also be at the book launch. She co-starred in the BBC,s The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson and currently stars in   Radio 4’s Dead Ringers.

Richard will be on Marine Parade during the afternoon to sign copies of the new book.



Lifeboat volunteers – their dramatic life and times in a new book

The life and times of Lyme Regis lifeboat men and women – and  the lifeboats themselves – are captured in a new book from the RNLI and due to be launched on 22 July, the first day of this year’s Lifeboat Week.

Written by the lifeboat station’s volunteer press officer, retired newspaper and BBC journalist Richard Horobin, the fully illustrated book is  part of the charity’s  history book project.

It tells how a makeshift lifeboat service started in the town in 1826, and how a Christmas tragedy led to  Lyme Regis getting a ‘proper’ lifeboat, powered by sails and oars, 27 years later.

With much help from local historians and lifeboat supporters, the author has brought to life a fascinating collection of stories about dedicated volunteers who ran a lifeboat service in the town, despite all the odds, over a period of nearly 160 years. How they would row the lifeboat for hours to reach a stricken vessel….no twin 115hp engines such as power today’s lifeboat.

There is the crew member who was shipwrecked eight times as a mariner; the coxswain who served the lifeboat for 34 years and was famed for his strength, picking up a man with one arm and placing him on a table. He also salvaged a huge barrel of alcohol from a shipwreck and carried it single handed up a cliff !

The story of an MP who vanished without trace over Lyme Bay after being trapped in a hot air balloon makes incredible reading. The dramatic episode when a ship was torpedoed by a German submarine a short distance from Lyme Regis harbour, and yet had  an amusing twist amid the tragedy and chaos.

And in more recent times the amazing survival of a couple whose helicopter crashed into Lyme Bay in dense fog;  the tragic tale of the severely disabled woman whose wheelchair fell into Lyme Regis harbour and the desperate attempts made to save her.

There are the lighter moments, too, such as the crew Christmas dinner when the annual awards are presented…including the Bent Propeller trophy !

The story of Lifeboat Week,  from the early 70s, includes the ditching of a Navy helicopter in the sea, which wasn’t part of the event, although the hundreds who witnessed it thought it was.

The new book will be available from the lifeboat shop on the Cobb and other outlets in the town, from 22 July price £8.95 with all proceeds going to the RNLI,  the  charity that saves lives at sea.




21 May 2017


Boats are blessed in the sunshine at Lyme Regis


Dozens lined the slipway in the sunshine at the RNLI lifeboat station in Lyme Regis today to join the annual Blessing of the Boats service.

The inter-denominational service, hosted by local clergy the Rev. Chris Woodman and the Rev. Keith Vivian, acknowledges and blesses those who go to sea professionally, or for fun, and remembers those who have lost their lives to the waves.

Representatives of the town’s gig,  sailing, and powerboat clubs took an active part in the service along with the volunteer lifeboat crew.

A poem written and read to the congregation by 11 year old Millie-Jade Ellis, daughter of recent lifeboat recruit Mark Ellis, drew appreciative applause.

Woodroffe School pupil Millie called her poem ‘What the Sea Means to Me. She wrote: ‘The sea feeds me and excites me. It can take me to new countries aboard a ship. Sailing away on a really long trip.  The sea is fun but sometimes rough. This is when I need to be careful and not act tough. If I am ever in trouble. Call the lifeboat at the double. So do not be afraid just be safe at sea.  That is what the sea means to me.’

The service ended with the local club members and the Royal British Legion presenting wraths to the lifeboat crew who then took the wreaths aboard the lifeboat to be laid at sea.



12 May 2017


How a yellow welly and a penny farthing set out to boost lifeboat charity


A lifeboat crew member on a penny farthing bicycle, a vintage Jaguar, the RNLI’s mascot Stormy Stan and more than a hundred schoolchildren all took part in the Lyme Regis stage of the marathon journey of a yellow welly yesterday (Fri).

The illuminated welly is being relayed all along the south-west coast  as part of the RNLI’s Mayday fundraising campaign during which the charity hopes to raise £750,000 towards the cost of the kit lifeboat crews have to wear.

Members of the Sidmouth branch of the RNLI brought the welly to Lyme in a 1967 S-type Jaguar. It was delivered to pupils at St. Michael’s School, Lyme Regis, and they handed it over to lifeboat crew member  Seb Cope who arrived at the school on his penny farthing bike with the RNLI mascot Stormy Stan.

Seb and Stan then took the welly to Lyme Regis lifeboat station.

Today (Sat) the welly was taken by the Lyme Regis lifeboat crew to Portland Bill where it was handed over to the three-masted tallship TS Pelican and later collected by RNLI volunteers from Weymouth  to continue its journey.


6 April 2017


Fund-raisers boost RNLI charity by £65,000


Volunteer fund-raisers in Lyme Regis and Charmouth boosted the RNLI’s income by more than £65,000 last year.

Members of the local fund-raising arm of the RNLI – the Lyme Regis and Charmouth  RNLI Guild - received the news at their annual meeting last night (Weds) when treasurer Brian Cursley delivered his report.

The total included a variety of events and donations as well as £27,000 raised during  lifeboat week.

Chairman Irene Roper said it had been a record breaking year and she had been heartened by the many messages of congratulations received from the public during and after lifeboat week.

Volunteer manager of the lifeboat shop, Krys Lavery, said the outlet had taken £122,000 and was the sixth best performing shop in the UK.

In his annual report to guild members, Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks said volunteer crew members had answered 27 calls for help last year and were credited with saving three lives.

He said there now appeared to be a familiar pattern of emergencies – almost half of calls for help were from people getting into difficulty ashore when out walking and cut off by the tide or falling on rocks.  The other half were incidents involving boating, fishing and surfing.

Guest speaker was Nigel Jones, the RNLI’s Area Lifesaving Manager, who told guild members about many changes throughout the organisation’s structure and the aim to reduce drownings around the coast.

Volunteer press officer Richard Horobin gave members a brief preview of his book on the history of lifeboats and lifeboat people in Lyme Regis.  The book is due to be published in time for this year’s lifeboat week which starts on July 22nd.




27 March 2017


Lifeboat crew exercise with new search and rescue helicopter


Volunteer crew members of the RNLI lifeboat in Lyme Regis have taken part in their first exercise with the helicopter team assuming the search and rescue role in the next few weeks.

The helicopter crew, from Lee–on–the–Solent, Hampshire, are due to take over from those based at Portland.

Two lifeboat crews took part in the exercise during their regular training evening last week.

Helm Jon Broome, who is also the lifeboat’s training co-ordinator, said:” The exercise was very worthwhile.

“I spoke to the helicopter captain afterwards and he said he was very impressed with the skill and competency of the lifeboat crew, and explained that was why he was felt happy to lower a winchman to our boat during the exercise.”






21st February 2017


TV presenter Jeremy Kyle popped into Lyme Regis lifeboat station during Sunday morning's training session and met the RNLI crew. He said he was very impressed with the RNLI volunteers and that his mother used to be  a volunteer in the lifeboat shop on the Cobb..  He said he liked Lyme very much and that he had his first birthday in the town some 50 years ago and has been visiting the resort ever since. 


19 February 2017

Shop volunteers praised for dedication to lifeboat charity

Volunteers who run the RNLI charity shop next to the lifeboat station in Lyme Regis have  celebrated another successful year.

More than thirty people enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Hunters Lodge, Raymonds Hill, and heard that their shop had been placed sixth  in the ‘league table’ of hundreds of lifeboat shops around the country.

In a letter to the volunteers, the RNLI’s Retail Operations Manager, James Thompson, praised their ’incredible hard work,  dedication and skill.’

He said the RNLI’s shops had reached an income of £6,300.000. in 2016.The English Channel division, of which Lyme Regis is a member, had a record breaking income of £1,000.405.

Two presentations for Excellence in Volunteering, were made at the Lyme Regis lunch. Carys Lowe received  a framed certificate and letter of thanks for her 15 years as secretary of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild.

Ross Bennett was presented with a crystal award marking his 23 years as a volunteer in the shop and collector during Lifeboat Week. The RNLI’s letter to Mr. Bennett mentioned how people would seek him out on Red Arrows day in Holmbush car park to hand him a donation.

Mr. Bennett has now decided he can no longer work in the shop on a regular basis, but will  remain on the reserve list.




17 February 2017


Store donates a Fat £600 to Lyme Regis lifeboat


Staff at the FatFace store in Lyme Regis have donated more than £600 to the local RNLI lifeboat charity.

The donation was raised during Black Friday weekend in November last year. Staff members added £40 to the £562 raised in store..Under the ‘Thanks for Giivng’ initiatve the FatFace chain nationally donated some £200,00 to charities from its 221 stores.

In Lyme Regis the store chose the RNLI as its charity. Store manager Kayleigh Billson said:” We organised  a few extra competitions to help raise money for our fantastic lifeboat station, a cause dear to everyone in Lyme and beyond.”



17 February 2017

Ex - Army chief joins the RNLI lifeboat crew in Lyme Regis

A retired Lieutenant Colonel with the Royal Engineers has joined the volunteer management team of the RNLI in Lyme Regis.

Mike McAlpine, 61, served in many trouble spots including Kuwait, where he commanded a construction squadron involved in the restoration of essential facilities to Kuwait City immediately after the unsuccessful invasion by Iraq, and the ‘clean up’ of unexploded bombs and landmines.

Mike, a chartered civil  engineer and graduate of Queen’s University, Belfast, spent 20 years in the Royal Engineers, had two spells in the Falklands and commanded a regiment in Northern Ireland for three years before becoming the technical authority for UK counter landmine warfare.  Mike, married to Karen with three daughters, moved to Lyme Regis from Dalwood, near Axminster, in 2014.

His last job was with BP in Iraq where he was involved in opening up the second largest oilfield in the world at Rumaila, south of Basra.

Mike, a keen sailor with his Yachtmaster ‘ticket’ has become a DLA – Deputy Launching Authority – at Lyme Regis lifeboat station.  He said: “I spent a lot of time on the water and it was always comforting to know the RNLI was there if necessary.  Since I missed the camaraderie of the military, I thought I would offer my voluntary services to the RNLI and I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

A member of Lyme Regis Golf Club, Mike chairs the Axminster Hospital Community Hub Steering Group and was a founder member of the Axminster Patient Group.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Marks said: “We welcome Mike to the management team.  His wealth of experience will be an asset, and his arrival has added even more strength to the Lyme Regis crew.”



15 January 2017


Lifeboat crew start the year with awards


Members of the RNLI’s volunteer lifeboat crew  in Lyme Regis and their families and friends got the new year off to a celebratory start with their annual awards dinner.

The event at the By the Bay restaurant yesterday (Sat) was attended by around 70 crew members and their guests.

Among the awards was a long service certificate to landscape gardener Garry Gibbs, a crew member for 20 years. Senior helm Tim Edwards was voted crew member of the year, and the much coveted bent propeller trophy went to helm Mark Colley.

A new award, Anchor Aweigh, went to tractor driver Richard Beviss.

Another new award, for their conscientious ‘office’  work, went to John Cable and Mark Gage.



13 January 2017


Top surgeon joins Lyme Regis RNLI crew


A leading cancer surgeon has joined the volunteer crew of the RNLI lifeboat in Lyme Regis.

Mr Ken Lavery, a retired  head and neck surgeon, has joined the local RNLI team as a Deputy Launching Authority (DLA).

Mr Lavery, 67,who recently retired as lead surgeon and Medical Director at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, West Sussex, is married to Krys who manages the team of volunteers running the successful RNLI charity shop on the Cobb.  They met at the hospital where Krys was a senior ward sister and have two sons.

Scots-born Mr Lavery is a qualified Yachtmaster and has strong family connections with the RNLI.  Both his grandfather and great grandfather were volunteers with the lifeboat at Campbeltown that covers  the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.  Mr Lavery said: “I am thoroughly enjoying my involvement with the lifeboat crew in Lyme Regis.  “They are clearly a dedicated team and the camaraderie is very similar to that which I found when I was involved in rugby.”



10 January 2017


RNLI crew swap boats for a refit


The volunteer crew of the RNLI lifeboat in Lyme Regis said a temporary farewell to their vessel yesterday (Mon) as Spirit of Loch Fyne left the town for an upgrade of its equipment.

The four year old lifeboat was taken on a trailer by road and will eventually have a refit at the RNLI’s Inshore lifeboat centre on the Isle of Wight.

Lifeboat mechanic Mark Gage said: ” Our boat is due for an upgrade of its electronics ,including communications and navigation equipment, and will be away for about three months.”

As Spirit of Loch Fyne left, a replacement boat, number B830 and named Douglas Murray, arrived from the RNLI’s relief fleet.


9 January 2017

Dave is ‘dunked’ as he retires from Lyme Regis RNLI

One of the longest-serving members of the volunteer crew of the RNLI lifeboat in Lyme Regis, Dave Street,  has retired because of work commitments.

Dave, 48, served for 22 years, starting as trainee shore crew and becoming one of the team of helmsmen 15 years ago.

Dave joined the crew for two main reasons. He was working as a barman in the Cobb Arms when he overheard crew members saying they were short of volunteers. “The other reason was more personal “ said Dave. “A cousin of mine drowned at Bournemouth and I thought if there was anything I could do to prevent such accidents then joining the RNLI was it.”

Dave, a self-employed builder, added: “Of course I shall miss taking the lifeboat out, and the camaraderie with the crew.  But I won’t lose touch with all my old colleagues.”

Dave’s last voluntary duty with the crew was helping out with safety at the Lyme Lunge on New Year’s Day.

And his lifeboat colleagues gave him a thoroughly wet send off with a ceremonial dunking in the sea.



8 January 2017

Ordeal in the dark for broken leg victim rescued by lifeboat crew

A man who broke his leg after slipping on rocks staggered and crawled for three quarters of a mile for more than two hours in the dark before he was found by a lifeboat crew and his worried wife.

Tim Robinson,54, fell during a walk at about 4.30pm yesterday (Sat) on the beach under Golden Cap, east of Lyme Regis.

Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew launched at 7.10pm to assist coastguards in a search for Mr Robinson.  They located him during a shoreline search eight minutes later.

Two first-aid trained  crew members, Tom Crabbe and Tom Wallis, went ashore to help coastguards assess Mr Robinson’s condition.  Meanwhile   the lifeboat returned to Lyme Regis to pick up three further crew to steady the vessel in the surf when it was beached to take Mr Robinson aboard.

Mr. Robinson’s wife, Paula, who raised the alarm,  started to walk along the beach from Seatown looking for her husband.

She said: ”Luckily, Tim had a torch but no mobile phone. I saw a flicker of light and thought it must be him. But I picked up a rock, just in case it wasn’t  !”

 Jon Broome, who was in charge of the lifeboat for his first ‘shout’ since qualifying as a helm, said: ”It was a very well organised rescue by all involved. It seems Mr. Robinson used sticks  to help him stagger and crawl towards Seatown after the injury.”

From his hospital bed in Dorchester Mr Robinson, who is a full time member of the Territorial Army, said: ”I just slipped on a rock and have two fractures of the right leg.  Everyone who helped me was just terrific.”

Mr Robinson was taken aboard the lifeboat to a waiting ambulance at Lyme Regis harbour. The lifeboat returned at 8.49pm

Mr and Mrs Robinson, from the Derby area, had been staying in Bridport on a short holiday.



 September 2016                                                                            Lyme Regis

Christening makes history at lifeboat station

Christening at Lyme Regis Lifeboat StationHistory was made at Lyme Regis lifeboat station today when the town’s vicar conducted a christening service for two children of an RNLI volunteer and his wife.

Six months old Lottie and five years old Millie-Rose, whose father  Elliott Herbert is a lifeboat helm, were christened by the Rev. Jane Skinner during a service in the boathouse with a congregation of some 70 family, friends and lifeboat crew members. It is thought to be the first time a christening service has been held at any of the town’s   lifeboat stations since the lifeboat service began in Lyme Regis in 1826.

A ship’s bell, which has hung in the lifeboat station since it opened in 1997, was used as a font during the service.

The bell, from a 100,000 ton oil tanker, was presented to Fred Day, former honorary secretary at the lifeboat station, when he retired from BP.  He in turn presented it to the RNLI to mark the opening of the Lyme Regis lifeboat station.

Proud dad Elliott Herbert said: ”Lifeboats and lifeboat people have been such an important part of our lives that Laura and I thought it would be appropriate, and great fun, to hold the christening at the lifeboat station surrounded by many of the people who are vital to the success of the work of the RNLI.”

The Rev Jane Skinner said: “It was a joy to conduct the service at the lifeboat station, and it was the first time I had used a magnificent ship’s bell as a font.”

God parents to Millie-Rose are Lyme Regis lifeboat helm Murray Saunders, Oliver Mallinson, Operations Manager (Lifeboats) at  RNLI headquarters in Poole, and Emma Darke, and God parents to Lottie are William Elwood, helm with the Tower lifeboat in London and crew Assessor/Trainer and Nicola Davis and Gemma Dunford.








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If you see anyone in trouble in the sea,
call 999 and ask for the coastguard.


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Lifeboat Week 2017 raised £30,000


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Murray marries            Photo: Matt Austin

Two rescued from rocks say ‘thanks’ with £200 donation

Seventy five years of lifeboat service recognised with awards

Nikky is lifeboat crew newest recruit.

Walkers and dog cut off by tide rescued by Lyme Regis lifeboat crew ...

Lifeguards on duty - it must be summer!

Lifeboat launched to grandfather ‘in need of medical help’

Duke of Kent makes it a right royal occasion for Lyme Regis RNLI volunteers
The Duke of Kent meets members of the crew


Pottery donation boost for RNLI
Rotary cheque says ‘thanks’ to lifeboat crew
Big search launched after yacht found on beach

Fire chief calls the lifeboat out...to a fire on his boat


 High flyers ...the Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat crew members flanked  by two of the RAF Falcons.

How the Falcons made it a day
 to remember for Tom 


Lost Atlantic sailors remembered at Lyme service


£1M support helps fund local RNLI lifesaver


Cafe owner’s second cheque for RNLI
Coastguards row to victory in gig race...More
Thanks from the lifeboat to bowlers
Rotary and chef boost lifeboat charity funds

Chef Mark Hix and the head chef at his Lyme Regis restaurant, Lin Pidsley, aboard the lifeboat.

An easy way to give –
at no cost to you

Compare prices and shop with your favourite stores and a percentage of every purchase you make will be donated to RNLI by us on your behalf. All at no extra cost to you.

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Lyme Regis RNLI volunteer crew run to the rescue in new YouTube film


Royal National Lifeboat Institution volunteer crew members from Lyme Regis  feature in a new YouTube film created to raise awareness of the RNLI and its lifesaving gifts – gifts that provide a vital source of funds for the charity. The film highlights the extraordinary work of ordinary people, RNLI lifeboat volunteers who are ready to drop everything 24/7 to answer the call for help. click here to watch


Thanks from pair trapped by tide

Debbi Cummins and her husband Mark thank two of the RNLI crewmen Jon Broome (left) and Martin Croad after they were rescued by helicopter when they were cut off by the tide.
See pic below

Lifeboat joins search
for missing man 

Jubilee medals for the lifeboat volunteers


Rosie, the harbourmaster’s dog, is children's’ book ‘star’


Canine collector Sam gets RNLI award


Rob and the secret party

Two crew members at the RNLI lifeboat station in Lyme Regis have just joined the ranks of helmsmen.  Elliot Herbert and Martin – best known by his nickname of ‘Myrtle’ – Croad .....

See Richie Durrant on You Tube

'Shout' is at www.youtube.com/rnlishout

RNLI Supporter of the Year

Former RNLI shop manager in Lyme Regis, Mrs Alix Fairley, was voted RNLI Supporter of the Year after the tiny store on The Cobb returned  a record turnover and became the best-performing of all 30 shops in the south-west and fifth in the entire country. 

Alix is pictured with the trophy presented to her at The Barbican in London by Prince Michael of Kent. On the left is the new manager of the shop, Brian Cursley who was also invited to the RNLI’s annual presentation event. Alix said: ”It was a truly memorable occasion, and I was delighted with the award which of course is a tribute to all the marvellous volunteers who helped me run the shop. Prince Michael was very friendly and asked us to pass on his good wishes to everyone in Lyme Regis.” Alix was a volunteer at the shop for some five years before handing over the reins to Brian Cursley at the end of last year. 

A Selection of Lyme Regis Lifeboat Rescues











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