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Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A

 Welcome to U3A     About the U3A
The Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A was founded in November 2005 and currently has a membership of approximately 600 from Lyme Regis and the surrounding area.

Members receive two newsletters and two updates each year, plus five editions of the U3A national publication 'Third Age Matters' and two editions of the magazine 'Sources', all for an annual fee (in 2017) of £6 Individual or £11 Joint (see Application Form for full details).


U3As are self-help, self managed lifelong learning co-operatives for older people no longer in full-time work, providing opportunities for members to share learning experiences in a wide range of groups and to pursue learning not for qualifications, but for fun. 
There are more than 915 U3A's in the UK with a membership of about 320,000. 

For more information about the U3A organisation visit the National website at u3a.org.uk or contact our membership secretary on 01297 444566.

Any other enquiries please email Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A   Chairman

 Coffee and Talks  
The Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A hold regular monthly Coffee Social Mornings, come along to meet old and new friends.  Coffee is usually followed by a talk given by an invited speaker covering a diverse range of subjects.  Non-members are welcomed for which there is a small admission charge.  See the Forthcoming Events below for further details  
 Join Now  
To join or learn more about the Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A please email: membership@lymeregisu3a.org or telephone 01297 444566 or use this link to download and print an Application Form or take a look at our latest newsletter Heritage Coast U3A Newsletter and Chairman's Report  

Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A Forthcoming Events 2017


Monthly meetings are held at the Woodmead Hall, Hill Road, Lyme Regis
unless otherwise stated

12th April

Vietnam and the Far East  Illustrated talk by Christopher Legrand

An experienced traveller, photographer and public speaker, Christopher Legrand will examine some of the history, culture and scenery of Vietnam, a rapidly developing country. He will describe meeting with Buddhist nuns, and visiting Thailand and Indonesia as well as Vietnam. His presentation culminates in a close encounter with a Komodo Dragon.

Qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor at the age of 21, he opened his first surveying business in Poole. He was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 1982, holding this post until 1999 when he started working in Central London. 

His experiences as a magistrates led him to found the charity 'HyPed' (Project for Homeless Young People in Eastern Dorset) which he chaired for 6 years, raising more than £1.5million, opening a number of supportive houses and helping over 400 young people. The charity was then taken over by Bournemouth Churches Housing Association.

One of the joys of his retirement has been the opportunity to travel. Having lived in or close to Dorset all his life, he gives some 50 talks a year around the county because he enjoys sharing his adventures.  Woodmead Hall  opens 10.00 - 10.40am for coffee etc. The talk starts at 11.00am.

Friday 21st April

SciTech Group:  the second part of Steve Coles talk on the human genome; this time
Human Genome research: its impact on current understanding of disease
A discussion of the impact of modern clinical genetics on understanding disease processes and their diagnoses, and potential future therapies for poorly treated diseases. 
As usual, all U3A members welcome, 10:00 - 12:00 in the small  Woodmead 
Hall. The charge will be 20p again.


Monday, 24 Apr

Members of the Garden Lovers group are asked to bring along their diaries and any spare plants and seeds to the first meeting of the year.  details of the 10 gardens selected to be visited this year will be presented. There will be tea and biscuits and a donation of £1 is requested to cover the cost of the refreshments and hire of the hall. The meeting will start at 2.15pm Woodmead Hall
May 10th

Harrods in Edwardian Times  Illustrated talk by Yvonne Bell

Yvonne returns to Lyme following her popular talk last year about the Edwardian Garden. Now she swaps gardening for shopping, having spent many happy hours in the Harrods' Archives. Early catalogues and much more provide a fascinating insight into the shopping habits of the comfortably-off around 100 years ago, and much wry humour when viewed from a modern perspective.

Yvonne became interested in the Edwardian era when her family moved into a villa of that period. Furniture contemporary with the 1910 house was inexpensive at the time, and gradually her fascination spread to pictures, ornaments, music, books, magazines, cards, postcards, and the like. She gives talks on various aspects of the period, has appeared on television and radio, and had many articles published.

She looks forward to again enjoying "the company of your very interested members."  Woodmead Hall  opens 10.00 - 10.40am for coffee etc. The talk starts at 11.00am.


June 14th

Lichtenberg’s Remarkable Figures  Illustrated talk by John Marriage

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg in the eighteenth century, and Étienne Leopold Trouvelot in the nineteenth, worked on the same subject and published scientific papers on it, but lived a century apart and never met. Their work is called to this day 'Lichtenberg figures' – the strange, beautiful, almost organic shapes formed when a pulse of high-voltage electricity passes over the surface of an insulator.

Lichtenberg was the first to describe these figures, with Trouvelot (famous as an astronomical illustrator and notorious as an accidental environmental vandal) one of the first to record them photographically. Kirlian Photography and Aura Photography are related phenomena, which some people still explore.

John Marriage has researched the history of these two men who were interested in both science and art. His talk is illustrated by examples of their work, and of Lichtenberg figures created by himself.

Although they and others approached the subject for scientific purposes, there was in the end little important scientific outcome. But the visual force of their images has continued to attract artists. The 2015 'Revelations' exhibition in London’s Science Museum was but the latest in a series of public explorations showcasing this confluence of art and science.

  Woodmead Hall  opens 10.00 - 10.40am for coffee etc. The talk starts at 11.00am.

Wed 21st June
A trip to POWDERHAM CASTLE, south of Exeter. Come for a day out at Powderham Castle. Look it up on the internet. The group ticket gives us entry to the House (with a guided tour) and to the garden. There is a shopping area (local food and ) in the grounds.
. We expect to leave Lyme at 9.30am, I am trying to arrange a pick up at Axminster Station. I hope we will be back by 5.00pm. The cost will depend on numbers.  There are spaces on the trip - please contact Val Doney by email if you are interested..vjdoney@hotmail.com

July 12th

Adventures at the Seaside

How did the great British Seaside tradition begin? Was it with George III in Weymouth? Or the Prince Regent in Brighton? Or Queen Victoria, who "Drove down to the beach with my maid and went into a bathing machine where I undressed and bathed in the sea for the first time in my life, I thought it delightful …"? Or the 1841 London to Brighton railway opening up the coast to the East End of London? Or …?
Deirdre's entertaining presentation will reveal all (or, at least, a modest amount) about our love of the seaside, coming right up to date by examining how seaside resorts are continually re-inventing themselves to stay alive in the 21st Century.
A professional actress and producer before becoming Managing Director of a corporate events company, Deirdre's career spans the arts, coaching and mentoring, the charity sector and the corporate world. Woodmead Hall  opens 10.00 - 10.40am for coffee etc. The talk starts at 11.00am.
August 9th
AONB   Woodmead Hall  opens 10.00 - 10.40am for coffee etc. The talk starts at 11.00am.
13th September
Ancient Egypt - a history in eight objects
by JANET DIAMOND   Woodmead Hall  opens 10.00 - 10.40am for coffee etc. The talk starts at 11.00am.
13th October
COFFEE MORNING 10 - 12 noon


       TRIPS – Update THEATRE TRIPS 2017/2018




MAYFLOWER THEATRE SOUTHAMPTON – both trips based on pick-ups in Lyme and Bridport and a midday arrival in time to source lunch and leaving Southampton around 5.00pm.



 Thursday September 28th.  2.00pm. 

Rear stalls £34.50

Cost including travel and tip likely to be around £45pp



 Saturday December 2nd.  2.30pm

Rear stalls £36.50 (reduced from £44.50)

Cost all-in likely to be around £47pp


I have six weeks in which to secure tickets. I am now just looking for expressions of interest, without commitment.  When I am clear that we have enough interest I will write specifically to ask for commitment.

 Get back to me as soon as you can at jdbart45@gmail.com


NB:  I am still noting interest in a return visit to The Edinburgh Festival in August 2018.

 Essentially four nights in mid-August (Monday to Friday), flights from Exeter or Bristol.  Stay in a central Travelodge.  All-in cost for travel and accommodation likely to be around £350pp.  Contact me for more details.  I will be looking for confirmation in September.





January 2017


TRIPS SUMMARY from John Bartholomew:

 He is looking for more people to join the trips below to create essential economies of scale.  All indications of interest to jdbart45@gmail.com


London: July 2017.  We are taking names now for a London trip based around a very colourful production of Puccini`s `Turandot` at The Royal Opera House. The aim would be to stay at a central Travelodge for two nights allowing people to attend the opera and one other show of their choosing or simply to use the hotel and travel arrangements to plan their own break.  Currently advertised price at The Covent Garden Travelodge is £62.50pppn.  Opera tickets likely to be around £35.  Travel around £40.  Group booking for the opera opens on March 14th 2017; we would need a viable list of names by that point.


Edinburgh August 2018: if there is sufficient interest we can look at repeating the very successful trip to The Edinburgh Festival that we undertook in August this year.   Basic cost per person this year was:  £62.50pppn for the hotel; flights £110; other travel £30.

We would begin to note interest now and then start planning seriously from around September next year.


All indications of interest to jdbart45@gmail.com



The Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A currently has approximately 45 active groups covering a wide variety of subjects.  There are a number of study groups including Geology, Current Affairs, Opera Appreciation.  Whilst others help maintain and improve fitness, such as Tennis, the Walking Groups and more.  Other groups offer an opportunity to have a go at a new craft, whilst languages are ever popular and along with Bridge, Creative Writing all help keep the brain alert.  For a full list of groups and when they meet see the Groups Schedule alongside.   

Groups need not be large

Even as few as two or three people may meet in participants homes and the leaders are voluntary, thereby keeping costs to a minimum.  Studies are all undertaken at the group’s own agreed speed and there are no exams to take.  Members are encouraged to see the value and take pleasure in learning for its own sake.


How to Join a group or become a Group Leader

It’s thanks to the Group Leaders who help make U3A such a success by giving their time voluntarily to provide members with such a variety of learning opportunities.  If you’re interested in joining a group contact the Group Leader, even if there’s a waiting list don’t be put off as it may lead to further groups being formed.   Groups need not be large anything from two or three people may meet regularly in  member’s homes.  Whilst larger groups use local community facilities for which a small charge may apply.   Members are encouraged to see the value and take pleasure in participating for its own sake.

If you’ve got any ideas for additional subjects or able to volunteer as a group leader, contact the Groups’ Co-ordinator.


Renew your membership

The end of the year meant that
you needed to renew your membership
It will be free this year, (Jan 2017- Jan 2018) but if you do not contact Mary Bohane to say you are still with us we will not pay your capitation fee to U3A National Office and you will no longer be a part of this. To contact Mary: 01297 444566 or  




From the Group Co-ordinator, Penny Rose
NEW A 2nd Sunday Lunch Group will meet on the 4th Sunday of the month. It will be restricted to 10 members. If you are interested please contact Ann Macnair at annmacnair@btinternet.com
 There are several members who wish to partake in a Watercolour painting group [not necessarily a Beginners Group]. Is anyone willing to lead or co-ordinate a "Watercolour Painting Together " Group. Please contact Penny Rose -01297 561076 or pennyrose2009@gmail.com if you are interested.
MEMOIR WRITING GROUP This group meets in the Guildhall, Lyme on Wednesdays from 10am - 12noon.  If you are interested please contact Jackie Lloyd on 01297 443516 orladylloyd@msm.com
BEGINNER'S ART GROUP  There is the possibility of a beginner's art group starting later in the year.   If you are interested please contact Penny Rose - 01297 561076 pennyrose2009@gmail.com
CONSERVATION GROUP This group is in need of a new leader or co-ordinator. If you are interested please contact Penny Rose - 01297 561076 pennyrose2009@gmail.com
2nd BOOK GROUP  As the existing Group is full Dawn Armstrong is willing to co-ordinate a new group. Please contact her on 01297 678932 or dawnarmstrong@gmail.com


Proposed new Groups

** HISTORY OF BATTLES GROUP to discuss Naval and aviation battles from the past etc. Please contact Roger Taylor 01297 551445  d.roger.taylor@btinternet.com


**BOOK GROUP  2- Please contact Dawn Armstrong  01297 678932

**BEGINNER'S DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY  GROUP - Please contact John Marriage 01297 443469

**LINE DANCING GROUP  .There is a class which  meets at 6.30pm-7.30pm on a Tuesday evening in the Charmouth Village Hall which U3A members can join at a discounted cost  or an  option for an entirely U3A members group from 4.30 - 5,30 on a Monday . Please contact Andrea Harfield 01297 561083

U3A Geology 2107-18
– anyone wishing to apply for the 2017-18 course, please email Geoff Townson by Sunday 30th April (geofftownson@btinternet.com).

The Lym Valley Croquet Club
Last year's course proved popular and we hope to see good numbers again. Everybody is welcome, including complete beginners. Equipment and coaching will be provided. The sessions will be held using the lawns in front of the old pavilion on the King George V playing fields, Uplyme.  Please contact Richard Godfrey (01297 445709)

Many of our groups would like more men  to join:  get in touch with the relevant  Group Leader or Groups Co-ordinator  pennnyrose2009@gmail.com

Monthly talks: 
For some time our talks have been arranged to start at 11.00 am.

We know that we will never find a perfect time for everyone but we would welcome feedback to Valerie Doney if you have anything you wish to say about timings or, indeed, any suggestions about topics and speakers.

Respond please to : hcu3anews@gmail.com


Liz Jones Memorial Walks

A selection of 12 walks around Lyme Regis area  to do at your leisure see bottom left or
Click here for details/maps


the basis on which these trips are organised: 

We are aiming to manage all communication through email.  We will seek to book for shows which are suggested to us by members and/or which we think would attract enough to fill a coach.  We will always secure tickets, on a sale or return basis, in advance of payment to the theatre, to allow members time to firstly, express an interest and then commit to the event.  We will then only pay for tickets which have, effectively, been ordered.  At this point the cost of the trip, ticket and travel, becomes the responsibility of the individual member.  We can try to `sell-on` tickets but we cannot guarantee this. JB



Sadly The Regent Cinema was destroyed by fire - but will be rebuilt

Concerts in the West - Discount

All U3A members on production of their membership cards are entitled to a £1 reduction on the ticket prices for the Concerts In The West series this year.

Heritage Coast U3A Newsletter (Download)


Heritage Coast U3A
2016 Chairman's Report  (Download)

  U3A Web links:  Third Age Trust 
This web site contains a large amount of constantly updated important information, including help for Group leaders; full details of UK locations of U3A groups  Education;  U3A shop; members area, latest news etc
Seaton U3A

Heritage Coast U3A Groups Schedule

Every effort is made to ensure that the information listed is correct.

If you are interested in joining a group please contact the Group Leader, even if there is a Waiting List.

Please note that in JANUARY the Woodmead Halls will have no kitchen. You may wish to postpone your meeting or arrange to have disposable cups and juice for refreshments.

BEGINNERS ITALIAN  1st and 3rd Mondays of the month , mornings in members’ homes.

Allan Swannell: 01297 443003


BOOK GROUP The first Monday in the month at 3.00pm in members’ homes.

Marilyn Trask 01297 792046 or taylortrask@btinternet.com   Waiting list



CREATIVE WRITING   Monthly, 2nd Monday of each month, 2:15pm in members’ homes. 

Philip  Peed – 01297 442808  Waiting List



OPERA APPRECIATION   Monthly, second Monday of each month, 2:30pm – 4:30pm at Abbeyfield, Lyme Regis.

John Bartholomew – 01460 279739  


PLAY READING   This Group will meet at 2pm instead of 2.30 during the winter months. on alternate Mondays in members’ homes. Please contact Frances Barter 07986794722  Waiting List


SCOTTISH DANCING GROUP  Weekly, mornings 10.00 – 12.00  at Woodbury Community  Hall Axminster EX13 5TL from September 19th  We welcome any one, beginner, improver, men and women on your own or with partner!  We look forward to seeing you all.  Any problems or things you wish to ask, please phone David.  01460 65981    Sue  01297 551445   There will be a small charge to cover costs.


SCRABBLE  Fortnightly, 3:00pm in members’ homes.  Brian Chambers - 01297 443443


SPANISH LEARNERS  Fortnightly at 10.00am in members’ homes.  Allan Swannell: 01297 443003



SPANISH BEGINNERS CONVERSATION  Monthly 10.00am in members’ homes. Allan Swannell: 01297 443003


WALKING 1  Fortnightly, 9.30am  meet Uplyme Village Hall car park. Walks of 4 to 6 miles organised by members on a rota basis.   Jim Moseley  01297 443170  Waiting List


WALKING 2  Fortnightly, alternating with Walking 1, 10:00am  meet Uplyme Village Hall car park.

Ring Group Leader before setting out to ensure walk is taking place.

Dave Edwards 01297 443696



BADMINTON  Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis 6 - 7pm.  Susan Gale  01297 444260


CREATIVE CLAY   Fortnightly 10:00am-12:00 noon at Group Leader’s Workshop. Small charge for materials. 

Janet Steer – 01297 631831  Waiting List


CURRENT  AFFAIRS 1  Fortnightly 10:15am-12:30pm at Group Leader’s home.  Iain Paterson – 01297 631193.  Waiting List


CURRENT  AFFAIRS 2  Fortnightly 10:15am-12:30pm, alternating with Current Affairs 1 at Group Leader’s home.  Iain Paterson – 01297 631193.  Waiting List



Some Tuesdays in May and June 10.00am to 12.00 Noon at Group Leader’s home.

John Marriage 01297 443469




Fortnightly, 10:00am in members’ homes. 

Maggie Allison Tel: 01297 443983 or Keith Robson Tel: 01297 442183  Waiting List



Fortnightly 10.00am  in members’ homes.  Kay Luckraft 01297 599416  kay.luckraft@talktalk.net


GEOLOGY – Understanding our local landscape

Fully booked for 2016 -2017 year, but if you are interested in applying for the next run,  contact Geoff Townson on geofftownson@btinternet.com or 01297 561337 



1st and 3rd Tuesdays, in Group Leader’s home.   2.00pm-3.00pm   Audrey Standhaft – 01297 442427

ITALIAN INTERMEDIATE   Fortnightly, 10:00am at Chideock.  Allan Swannell - 01297 443003    Waiting list



Fortnightly, 2:00pm at Group Leader's home.  Beginners and experienced players welcome.  Nina Haskins 01297 445497


RUSSIAN LANGUAGE GROUP  1st and 3rd Tuesdays 10.00am – 12.00am  meeting at Fernhill Hotel, Charmouth. On bus routes x53 and x51   Gerald Clark 01395 488605


TENNIS  Weekly, 10:00am –12:00 Charmouth Tennis Club.  Joyce Beadle -  01297 442279     Waiting List





2.15 for 2.30pm – 4.30. Whitchurch Canonicorum Village Hall  Every Wednesday. Alan Woodbridge 01297 489055


CURRENT AFFAIRS 3  Alternate weeks  10.00 am- 12 noon at a member’s home.

Guy Barnes 01308 427430    valandguybarnes@gmail.com



FELINE FEEDING GROUP   This Group will meet next on Wednesday October 5th and bi-monthly thereafter on the first Wednesday of the appropriate  month  at  3.30pm at the Group leader's home.  Please contact Janta Silvey.  jantasilvey@outlook.com   01297 442183






10am – 12.00 weekly at the Guild Hall, Lyme. This is a 6 week course. if there is enough interest a new one will start. Contact Jackie Lloyd 01297 443516 or ladylloyd@msm.com



POETRY-READING Old School poets pre 1950 will be read and discussed.  First Wednesday in every month at 2.00pm Kevin Benfield email:  kevin@wordsonwords.co.uk  or Nina Haskins 01297 445497   Waiting List


QIGONG  Weekly, 5:30pm at St Michael's Church Hall,  Lyme Regis.  Dave Edwards – 01297 443696



RELAXATION, BREATHING AND MEDITATION  Fortnightly, 2:30pm in Group Leader’s home.  Pamela Moseley - 01297 443170  Waiting List


MAKING MUSIC Mornings . Community Hall Charmouth  Newcomers very welcome.

John Whiteley 01297 32258      



, 10:00-12:00noon in members’ homes.  Learning the language through French conversation, written materials, games, documentaries and films in French, etc Jan Robertson 01297 560450 or Wendy Howard  01297 445195.  Waiting List


ITALIAN CONVERSATION  - we have reverted to 1st and 3rd Thursdays every month, at 2.30pm. At Kilmington Allan Swannell - 01297 443003


1st Thursday in the Month  2:00pm at the Lyme Regis Guildhall.  Guy Barnes – 01308 427430


NEEDLES  AND  STITCHES  Fortnightly  1:00pm – 5:00pm Hallett Court in Queen’s Walk. Lyme Regis  Needlework of all types.   Ann Fudger  01297 444901 or Janet Moyes 01297 444697


RELIGION & ETHICS – [formerly THEOLOGY]   10-30am at 1A St Michael’s Business Centre, Lyme Regis  Ed Standhaft - 01297 442427



Fortnightly, 2.30pm in members’ homes. 

Brian Chambers - 01297 443443


SHORT TENNIS  Weekly, 2:00pm at Musbury Village Hall.  Jill Menzies - 01297 444863     


STRINGED INSTRUMENT GROUP   New learners or refreshers.  Rosalind Tarry 01297 444476 or rmtarry@gmail.com


TABLE TENNIS  Weekly 2.00pm at Lyme Regis Baptist Hall.  Small charge for room. Brian Watson – 01297 32060 and Jean Notley 01297 442729.




Last Friday in the month at 10am Please contact  Marjorie Waters  01297 445388


CANASTA GROUP  Charmouth Library Meeting Room, 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, 2.15pm until 4.15pm.  Valerie Penn 01297 560717


SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY  Monthly: 10:00am – 12:00 noon at the Woodmead Hall,    John Marriage Tel:  01297 443469



Monthly 10.00-12.00 at Charmouth Central Library. On bus route. Parking at rear.

Sue Bradley 01297 792426  Waiting list




First Saturday in each month at 9.30  Please contact Rachael Pope 01297 445575 for venue.


A new Sunday lunch group will meet at various pubs etc on the 4th Sunday of each month. This group will be restricted to 10 members. If you are interested please contact Ann Macnair on 01297 560611 or  annmacnair@btinternet.com 

In a variety of Inns  Di Wilkinson 01297 678639



CYCLING   The Cycling Group is friendly, low key riding intended for leisure and enjoyment. They have a range of cycling abilities from those on electric bikes to avid cyclists. The rides are of moderate pace and length, and include stops for refreshment.  New members of any ability are very welcome, please contact clivegodfrey@mail.com or annvgray@hotmail.com  Tel 01297 442532
CYCLING:   from Rachael Pope  [rachael.pope1@btinternet.com] 'A few of us want to keep going with our cycling once a month.  If you would like to join us please let me know.  The first date would be Saturday 17 December.  I thought an easy ride (10-12 miles) starting from Darts Farm, Topsham, going along the estuary to Exmouth, would be ideal in the week before Christmas; nothing taxing!'


Visits to gardens throughout the Summer months. 

Meetings to share plants and seeds and occasional  newsletter. 

Mary Bohane - 01297 444566





 Room 1A St. Michael’s Building, Lyme Regis. 7.30pm – 10.00pm

John Wood – 01297 445490 or email:  jazz@johnhwood.plus.com


TURKISH FOR BEGINNERS  Flexible, weekly, in Group Leader’s home.  Dennis Hebden - 01297 443615


Liz Jones Memorial Walks












Liz Jones loved walking and sourced over seventy circular walks in the area. For several years she and her husband David led the U3A Walking Group and after she died in April 2013 members of this group decided to make some of her walks available to a wider audience as a tribute.

The Group would like to thank David Jones for his leadership and all his support for this project - rewalking each route and checking our efforts. Our thanks also go to Susie Gamble for creating the model for the walk maps, Sue Wilson for her layouts and technical expertise and Maurice Liddiard for coordinating the project. 
Click the walk name to download PDF -  2 x A4 pages





Lyme Regis

A delightful walk including River Lim. Uplyme and great views from Ware Cliffs



A country and village walk featuring riverside, wildflower meadows and views


Catherston Leweston

Country walk with sea and country views and walk along the River Char



A country and village walk including the Peek Estate and the village of Combpyne



Walk along the Axe estuary through Axmouth and with amazing sea views.


Battleford Hall

A varied country and village walk with good views and bluebells in season


Lamberts Castle

Longish walk around Iron Age fort Stunning views of countryside


Eype & Eype Down

Varied scenic walk including coast and country views Bluebells in season



Country views and charming village of Membury and hamlet of Rock



Country walk with outstanding views of Marshwood Vale to the sea



Country views woodland and interesting buildings. Bluebells in season


Barnes Surges

A countryside and woodland walk with good views and wild flowers


If you are interested in joining

or learning more about the Heritage Coast Lyme Regis U3A please email: membership@lymeregisu3a.org or telephone 01297 444566 or print an Application Form

All other enquiries

Please e-mail:  Chairman Tel: 01297 442148


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